A Guide To Becoming An Aged Care Worker In Australia

Caregiving is more of a calling than a career as there are no known courses to offer or caregiving lessons. Different people may need caregiving, and the elderly are among the top of the list. Caregivers have different preferences for the people they care for. To establish a career in caregiving, you need to be persistent, determined, and patient. Always start with entry-level aged care jobs in Adelaide. There are many facilities for the aged in the city. Try out once you understand what it takes to become an aged caregiver.

1. Aged Care Worker Job Description

The primary task of an aged caregiver is to provide direct care services to the seniors. Work in their homes, the residential care facilities, or anywhere in the community. The job needs a lot of compassion, responsibility, adapting to different situations, and good communication skills. Add an advantage by adding skills such as home maintenance, general health knowledge, first aid knowledge, and hygiene. 

2. Home Based Aged Caregiver

Working in-home care involves traveling to people’s homes to offer the services. The place of work becomes variable because you travel to different homes to provide your services. This kind of arrangement also has a lot of independence since only one worker can be at a client’s home at a time. 

3. Residential Aged Caregiver

If you choose to do residential aged caregiving, you won’t have to travel to people’s homes. Instead, you will be working in a residential home. The workplace, in this case, remains the same every day as you work together with a team of staff. There is more support and less independence.

4. What To Do

Aged care jobs in Adelaide involve providing different services like companionship, personal care, or overnight care to your clients. You have to help the clients with their daily activities like showering, dressing, and grooming. You can go overboard and cook, meal-plan, and even clean around in some cases. If there are community activities or a client might need to get out a bit, to provide transportation. 

You help clients who have mobility challenges move around in the home or the residential facility. The job does not stop there; what about emotional and social development? It is your task to show, help or teach them how to interact with people, read or play simple games. You also must provide basic clinical care like catheter care, supervise a registered nurse, or administer medication.

Other tasks of the job description include:

  • Adhering to the health and safety guidelines to keep the clients and yourself safe
  • Providing client-centered, individualized care for the clients in their homes
  • Assisting the clients with their transportation for appointments, shopping, and recreational centers
  • Building and maintaining a strong and effective relationship with the clients and their families
  • Supporting the clients with their domestic chores like cleaning, cooking, and laundry
  • Helping the clients with their personal care tasks like dressing, grooming, and hygiene

4. Qualifications To Become an Aged Caregiver

As mentioned earlier, caregiving is an entry-level job. It does not require or have any certification for you to get the job. However, the state considers you ‘key personnel’ under the Aged Care Act of 1997. Therefore, you need to meet certain standards for approval. If you are aiming to work for a government-approved aged care provider. Which is a key personnel role, you have to meet these three criteria: 

  • You must not have a criminal record, including an indictable offense. An indictable offense is a serious criminal offense that gives you the right to a trial by a jury. A less serious offense does not make you disqualified. Additionally, you must pass the National Police Check after searches for indictable offense convictions in all territories and states.
  • You must be of unsound mind. You must be able to control your actions and understand your roles.
  • You can’t be bankrupt or insolvent under administration. If you declare bankruptcy, you will become a disqualified individual until the bankruptcy is discharged in three years.

Meeting these qualifications will get you hired as an aged caregiver in Australia. However, you can also acquire some certificates to help improve your skills. And, increase your chances in the competitive industry.

5. What Is The Salary Of An Aged Care Giver In Australia?

The aged caregiving work in Australia is quite promising. The starting rate is AUD21.96 per hour or AUD 834.60 per week. This is slightly above the minimum wage, recently raised from AUD20.23 per hour. For new and experienced caregivers, the pay is AUD1265 per week. This is a bit lower than the average for all jobs, AUD1460 per week.

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Now that everyone is adjusting to the new normal and trying to live with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a great time to venture into the healthcare field. Nowadays, aged caregivers are in high demand, and the opportunities for entry-level workers are too many. It is the right time to get into the aged care industry and spread your wings as you begin your career.