Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Planning New Website

The website is important to achieve the goals, such as increasing sales leads, conversion rates, awareness, online presence, etc. Having a strong and authoritative website is important. For this, you need to avoid mistakes while developing the website.

There are many common website mistakes designers make while designing a new website. So, to avoid those mistakes and build a better website. Today, the website designing company in Delhi is sharing the mistakes that are committed by you as a designer, while designing a new website.

  1. Lack of planning, strategy, and goals:

You can easily plan and strategize the website when you know the goals to achieve through it. But, the very common mistake among designers is not setting goals before starting developing the website. Know the goals and then you can plan.

You need to plan and strategize about who is your audience? What do they expect from your websites? What do you want to accomplish?  And so much more such questions need to be answered.

You can answer all these questions by researching the competitors in your industry, knowing about how their audience behavior, how well the website is functioning, etc. Understand the pros of your website, how different is your approach, products, or services. Knowing these things will help you to develop a website.

Hence, proper planning with research and then strategizing to design the website will help you to build a successful website.

  1. Non-responsive websites & mistakes of responsive websites:

Responsive websites are very important to improving SEO ranking. Making your website accessible to smartphone and tablets users is important. Also, what do you bring for them is very essential because it is fact that major traffic comes through these devices. Designing a responsive website is a must.

Many start designing the responsive website for the desktop version first and then for the smaller screens. While designing a new website, we recommend you start designing for the mobile version first and later for the desktop version. It has many benefits as well, where you can keep the website copy crisp, add necessary features, and design a minimalistic website. These are important things every type of audience expects in the website.

Thus, start designing a new website for smartphones first and later for the desktop version to build a good functioning website.

  1. Missing Out on Analytics:

Analytics is a very important part of the website, where you can track your complete website, along with the behavior of your audience. So, always everyone recommends linking the website with the analytical tool. As a website design company in Delhi, we recommend you avoid s mistake of not linking the website with an Analytical tool. It is really helpful for you to get started with it, in the early stages.

You can choose the best-suitable Analytical tools for your website. We recommend you link your business website with Google Analytics. It is one of the best tools to link your website with. There are other good options as well.

  1. Not Optimizing Website:

When you are designing a new website, then you should avoid using files that are not optimized. Because it makes your web pages or website heavy, this leads to slow loading of the website. Thus, thewebsite design company in Delhi recommends you to use optimized files, such as images, programming files, etc.

Optimizing files, making them compressed, and maintaining the originality of files. For instance, if you are using the optimized image file, then the file size will be less, but the quality you downloaded will be retained. So, prefer to use optimized files always.

  1. Lack of Point of Contact:

Your point of contact is very essential to make the audience reach you easily. Don’t miss out on any point of contact. The common mistakes are made by not adding or embedding the social media profiles link with the website. It won’t put an impactful impression on the website visitors.

As a best website designing company in Delhi, we will recommend keeping your contact page simple and don’t complicate it with unnecessary elements. It will make users bounce back. Thus, design the contact page carefully and don’t mess it up or miss out on any point of contact.

Final Words:

These are the common website mistakes that you should avoid to build good quality and impressive website. Thus, the website designing company in Delhi hopes that this blog has helped you out in designing a new website in the right way.