Best Poses of Yoga for Upper Back Pain

Are you dealing regularly with back pain? Tired of taking medicines without having any tangible results? Well, in that case, you should give try yoga for upper back pain. This yoga therapy trains your mind as well as body. Further, it reduces stress and fatigue from your body. So, yoga for upper back pain is a perfect practice to tackle back pain.

Here are a few poses of yoga for upper back pain to heal your spine and other connective tissues. Get through the following points to know what you must practice. Read on.

Yoga for Upper Back Pain: Top Poses

Cat-Cow Stretch

If you are already in pain, you should begin with gentle yoga practice. Thus, you should get started with the Cat-Cow stretch. It works on the erector spinae and rectus abdominis along with triceps & serratus anterior. Hence, it stretches your upper and lower back.

Furthermore, it also makes your wrists stronger over time. The placement of your knees on the floor massages them. Also, it heals cervical pain that is caused by the misalignment of your spine. Hence, it gently cures your spinal health.

Downward Dog

Without a doubt, one of the most practice poses of yoga for upper back pain. It works on your hamstrings, deltoids, and gluteus maximus. Also, the quadriceps and triceps are in focus as well. It strengthens your shoulder joints with constant pressure on your upper body.

Furthermore, scapula engagement ensures you have proper posture throughout the day. So, you get a strong upper and middle back which is crucial for perfect spine health.

Cobra Pose

Backbend yoga asanas should also be an active part of your yoga practice. The Cobra pose is one of the most essential backbend yoga poses. It stretches your abdomen, chest, and groin. Further, the backbend stance puts additional pressure on smaller spinal joints.

Hence, the Cobra pose is an effective yoga for upper back pain. When you go back to the neutral position, spinal joints are released. Hence, it loosens them up for the easier flow of fluids throughout the body.

Locust Pose

Do you know every major muscle in your body is connected to every minor muscle? Hence, back pain could be due to weaker shoulder joints, core, or hamstrings. Hence, the Locust pose should be a major part of your Yoga for back pain routine.

It makes your lower back, hamstrings, waist, and hip joints strong. Thus, it targets the trapezius, triceps, and erector spinae. Furthermore, the Locust pose works on the rear delts. Hence, you get a stronger back body that improves your body’s overall functioning.

Bridge Pose

Where every other yoga for lower back pain fails, the Bridge pose comes into play. The Bridge pose stimulates and restores spinal health. Moreover, it also heals headaches and backaches. The rectus & transverse abdomen, gluteus muscles, and hamstrings are abundantly targeted.

It stimulates the groin area and the reproductive organs. Hence, the Bridge pose works on your back as well as sexual performance. It also works on weaker neck muscles. The position of your arms externally rotates your shoulder joints. It also strengthens your core muscles.

Knee Spinal Twist

Twisting your spine is one of the best ways to sustain a flexible body. For this pose, you need to raise your legs and fold them. Your calves should be parallel to the floor while quads must be perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands on the floor for further assistance.

Let your legs fall to your left and then to your right side. However, make sure your waist is always in contact with the floor. Moreover, do not push yourself if you are in pain. Hence, it is a beneficial pose of yoga for upper back pain.

Sum Up

All the above-mentioned poses of yoga for upper back pain are going to help you. So, with regular practice, you become healthy and fit. Once you are healthy, you should give corepower yoga a try. This intense yoga form will boost your physical and mental health.

Hence, you sustain a healthier life with the inculcation of yoga practice in your life. Consistency should be there from your end. Over time, you are going to reap life-changing benefits and live a fit life.