It is not news to have one or many issues with your fence, especially if you are resident in countries prone to excessive moisture. The rays from the sun also can have an impact on the durability of your wall, which is why taking steps to stain it properly is essential. These top four tips will help anyone needing to do a power wash & stain fence North Brook to get it done professionally.

Know the best time to have the stain done

One of the things to always bear in mind if you want to stain a fence or do a solid scallop fence repair Fox River Grove is the time. If it is the rainy season, you need to check the forecast to see if there will be rain when you need to satin. You should avoid staining on rainy days altogether if you don’t want your fence stained again. Also, staining under direct sunlight will cause the stain to dry up quickly and not penetrate. So, your best bet is to have your fence stained when it is a bit cloudy and in the morning.

Choose a good stain for your fence

It is excellent to know when to apply the stain to your fence, but it is better to use the right kind of paint. When considering fence staining, you must note the paint that fits the condition of your fence. Investing in quality stains is the way to go if you want to enjoy a long-lasting beautiful look on your wall. If you are going for a water-based stain, it should be in the region where you need it protected from UV. For oil-based paint, it is better used when the material of the fence is cedar.

Get your fence ready

This is one of the essential tips you shouldn’t avoid when you want the best result during fence staining. During this process, you will need to do a power wash on your fence, especially if it is old and needs some cleaning. After the washing, you need to allow it to dry well before considering the application of the paint. Most new fences would need to be left for weeks or months to allow the chemical to penetrate and dry out before any work can be done on them.

Equip yourself with the right tools

Whether you want to do a solid scallop fence repair Fox River Grove or a fence staining, you need to know which tools to use and when to use them. All the right kinds of brushes, sprayers and rollers need to be in store waiting for you to bring them out for use. It will be a sloppy job to start spraying only to discover you didn’t have the tools for the following line of action.


Here you go- the four tips you need to have an adequately stained fence. So, whether you want a power wash & stain fence North Brook or only to paint your wall, follow these tips, and you will be glad you did.