King Von – A Chicago Rap Legend

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, was one of Chicago’s most talented and promising MCs. He became known for telling stories not often heard in mainstream rap. His Gold-certified breakout hit, “Crazy Story”, demonstrated exactly what distinguished him from other creators – his keen observational eye, narrative control and ability … Read more

Why Do Cats Stretch?


Feline fur babies often stretch their bodies in many ways. Do you remember how your cat stretched after waking up from the last nap? You might have also seen how a little furball gets into all kinds of positions while playing, eating, and begging for its owner’s attention. Cats are furry yogis who can twist … Read more

4 Ways to Make Your Gift Special

4 Ways to Make Your Gift Special

Gifts are a great way to show that you care. While most people like the idea of giving a gift, it’s very difficult to find something gift-worthy. Most people spend hours thinking and discussing what they should give someone and end up buying the same things like perfumes and watches. If you want to break … Read more

Top Things to do While in Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica

If you have planned a trip in Jamaica, then it is absolutely incomplete without going to Negril. This place is famous for its loved beaches and friendly environment, making it a travel-friendly destination.  It is on the western side of Jamaica and has some of the most famous beaches like Seven Mile Beaches. Thus, it … Read more

4 Ways You Can Plan a Perfect Wedding Ceremony


Tying the knot with your loved one is one of the most exciting experiences of life. If you want to make your marriage ceremony thrilling and memorable, you need to do things the right way.  Avoiding mistakes will make it easier for you to plan a perfect marriage ceremony. If you are looking for tips … Read more