Commercial Cleaning Services in OKC for Schools in Summer

It is almost summertime, and the educational institutes are about to go on break. The classrooms will be empty, fewer school employees will be present, and there will be plenty of time to complete the commercial cleaning services in OKC. This article mentions why cleaning companies choose summer for school cleaning, the important areas, and tips advised by the cleaners.

Why do Commercial Cleaning Services in OKC Prefer Summer for Schools?

Although the educational institutes go on spring, fall, and winter breaks, the commercial cleaning companies choose the summer for many good reasons. There are mainly three reasons why the commercial cleaners prefer to offer their services during the summer.

Ample Time for Proper Cleaning

The educational institutes give their students, faculty, and other staff members a break of at least two to three months. This gives ample time to the cleaning companies to inspect, devise a proper cleaning plan, and then execute the cleaning accordingly.

Fewer Employees can Ensure Social Distancing

School management often only allows the administration staff to be present when the companies visit the premises for cleaning services in OKC. The rest of the staff, teaching faculty, and students are away. The cleaners don’t have to worry about social distancing because few people are present.

All Class Rooms are Empty

The absence of students will mean that the rooms are empty. This will make the moving of furniture and equipment for cleaning easy. Everything can either be moved to one side of the room or placed outside. This will make cleaning rooms effortless.

Which Areas Should be Focused on?

Although cleaning the entire educational institutes is a part of the companies’ services, some school management demand that certain rooms be focused on more than other places. The main four rooms that should be given more importance are;

The Classrooms are a Priority

Everything in the classrooms should be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. These include desks, chairs, whiteboards, computers, and bookshelves. The dustbins, recycling cans, desks, and cubbies. Cleaning classrooms will ensure that the students don’t catch any diseases, especially Coronavirus.

Don’t Forget Common Rooms

The common rooms are areas where students and teachers gather and have discussions. Some common rooms are large and need three to four days to clean thoroughly. It is important to have a cupboard dedicated to storing face masks, hand sanitizers, tissue paper, and latex gloves.

Halls and Cafeteria are Also Important

Commercial cleaning companies like Jan Pro OKC have to focus on the cafeteria and the adjacent hall. In this area also the trash and recycling bins have to be emptied. The tables, chairs, serving desks, the dishes in which the food is served, and the utensils have to be cleaned and sanitized.

Cleaning Staff Room will Ensure Teacher Safety

The safety of the teachers is also important, especially during the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The things like refrigerators, microwaves, and eating utensils should be cleaned thoroughly. The most touched surfaces have to be disinfected more often.

Tips for Enhanced Cleaning of Educational Institutes

Along with providing the cleaning services, the companies suggest some tips to the school management; so that cleaning of the building can be managed properly. Also, these tips will ensure everyone’s safety.

Availability of all Safety Equipment

Many people think that having face masks is the only safety equipment important to have on the schools’ premises. But in addition to masks, visors, latex gloves, and plastic coverings for the shoes are necessary to store.

Have a Good Stock of Cleaning Supplies

The school’s cleaning supplies are important to keep on the premises, including liquid hand washing, hand sanitizers, and tissue papers. These things must be in all classrooms, common rooms, staff rooms, and the cafeteria.

Disinfect and Sanitization are also Important

The simple cleaning process will only eliminate dust and dirt. But for removing bacteria, viruses, and germs, disinfection and sanitization should be focused on.

Deep Cleaning Days Before Reopening

The school management should hire commercial cleaning services in OKC for deep cleaning days before the reopening.

It is important to hire the cleaning companies for the general cleaning and to eliminate the possibility of the spread of Coronavirus.

Here are three questions that will help you further understand commercial cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between commercial and domestic cleaning?

The main differences between commercial cleaning services in OKC and the domestic ones are that the commercial buildings are larger than homes, cleaning products used for corporate cleaning are stronger, and the cost of domestic cleaning is less than the commercial ones.

How can a commercial cleaning company be evaluated before hiring them?

The points to look into when evaluating a commercial cleaning company should include; the years of experience of the cleaning staff, year in which the company was established, cost of the services, and the consistency of their work.

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

The cost of commercial cleaning services depends on certain factors. These include the type of services hired, the size of the commercial space, the number of cleaning employees needed, and the hours or days required for complete cleaning.

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