Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD is an inclusive school district with top-ranked schools based on overall testing rank. They do not discriminate on any basis related to race, color, national origin, sex, religion age or disability when offering educational programs and activities or hiring.

Established in 1892, Montgomery County School District’s 348-square mile area is currently one of the primary employers.

About the District

The district operates 65 public schools serving 67,761 students and boasts an academic performance score of 10/10, placing it amongst Texas’s top 10% of school districts and campuses. Programs designed to meet all students needs such as Bilingual/ESL program and GT/Advanced Academic Program are available within its walls as well as scholarships for college tuition fees, books and more for teachers aspiring or current.

Conroe ISD SSO, located within Houston’s metropolitan area and covering 348 square miles geographically diversely. This includes The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North, Caney Creek and Conroe as well as many smaller towns, communities and unincorporated areas. Their 2022 accountability rating of Met Standard surpasses state expectations; click below the campus names to view school details, academic information and niche rankings that take into account student and parent reviews, high school data and academic discipline statistics as well as more.

CISD’s Mission

Conroe ISD strives to give every student, teacher and parent the chance to reach their full potential. Their goals include providing excellent instruction, creating a supportive school culture and cultivating an atmosphere of cooperation among its constituents.

CISD recognizes that each child is unique and has different educational needs, which is why the district offers programs like Bilingual/EL Program and GT/Advanced Academic Program to meet them. Students excel in areas where their strengths lie.

CISD’s mission is to enlighten and empower each Dragon through excellence and innovation in academics, character education and service for lifelong success. This dedication can be seen through its high quality teachers who enjoy competitive salaries and ongoing professional development opportunities; furthermore they extend their commitment to community by offering scholarship programs covering college tuition costs including books and fees for both their teachers and students.

CISD’s Vision

Conroe Independent School District serves much of Conroe and portions of Oak Ridge North and Shenandoah unincorporated communities, as well as Porter Heights CDP in Montgomery County and River Plantation community.

Academic performance scores provide insight into how well school districts or schools’ students perform in comparison to state average in terms of combined math and reading proficiency test scores; higher scores indicate greater performance.

Conroe ISD recognizes the need for education beyond classroom walls, providing their teachers with support throughout their career through a teacher development program that helps with things such as earning Texas teaching certification, offering incentives to graduate students interested in education careers, and offering current teachers resources they can use in their classes to enhance learning and enhance organization. Furthermore, Conroe ISD also offers their teachers access to various technological resources.

CISD’s Core Values

The District’s academic program stands above all others with a graduation rate of 97% and an SAT score well above national average. Students have access to rigorous college level courses as well as dual credit hours earned and multiple AP exams taken, all while maintaining long-standing athletic traditions with multiple state championships and eight UIL 6-A Lone Star Cup Awards earned.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum at CISD offers students a diverse selection of choices across 13 career clusters and 29 programs of study. In 2022, Texas Music Educator Association honored our music programs as Districts of Distinction while our visual arts program earned many statewide accolades.

Property owners seeking an exemption under Social Security, disability retirement insurance policies from other organizations or a physician’s statement stating their disability prevents them from holding any type of employment must submit documentation as proof. Furthermore, Montgomery County and Lone Star College each provide an over 65 exemption.