Dealing With a Car Accident: What to Know

Car accidents are undoubtedly a traumatic experience. Whether it’s you who’s involved in an accident or someone you know, it is important to be aware of how to deal with the situation. The very first step is to not panic as it could cause further complications.  Follow these steps to deal with the situation:

1. Safety First

Remaining calm after an accident can be difficult. But it’s exactly what you should do. Make sure that you and the rest of the passengers are safe. If your car is still running, try to take it to the roadside, away from the traffic, to avoid any more collisions.  Before you step out, make sure that the hazard lights are on. In case anyone requires medical assistance, call an ambulance immediately.

2. Check for Damage

One thing you must not forget is to take pictures of the damages caused to your vehicle in the accident.  You will need these details to file a police report later. Moreover, if another car was involved in the crash, take photos of their vehicle’s registration number as well.

3. Agreement with Parties Involved

A lot of times both parties involved in the accident come to an agreement without getting the police, especially if the damages are not severe. But, do take note that if your repair costs fall under a specific value, you might not be able to claim insurance. And if the damages are serious, it’s better to make a police report.

4. Make a Report

If you want to file a police report, head to the nearest police station and give details to the officer about the accident. They are also likely to assist you in towing the car to the nearest station. Both you and the other party will be required to make a police report for insurance claims. 

If you don’t have transport means to go to the station, you can simply call for a patrol car. You must report the accident within 24 hours or else you might get fined. You should provide these details to the officer:

  • Your name, ID, and driving license
  • Location and timing of the accident
  • Vehicle registration numbers of the cars involved

5. Insurance Claim

Call your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident if you want to claim insurance. If the accident was caused because of you, it’s best not to claim for insurance as it would affect your No-Claim Discount (NCD).

They will ask your questions about the accident and help arrange a tow truck to the nearest workshop. Not being able to send your car to an approved workshop will cause difficulties for you in claiming any damages from the accident.

6. Get Yourself Checked

Once the police report is made, you can head to your doctor. It’s better to seek medical help even if you think you did not get injured. You can book an appointment with an auto injury chiropractor to get a better idea about whether you will require any sort of therapy after the accident.