How Does Your Life Change By Reading Becoming Flawesome?

If you struggle with self-esteem and cannot accept failure, you can read Becoming Flawesome by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani. This new book renders valuable insights and practical tools to improve your thoughts and views. 

Kristina strongly believes imperfection is normal and does not define one’s character and nature. Accessing the power of imperfection in the right way will make people feel grow and empowered. 

In the modern lifestyle, everyone wants to look perfect and impress someone’s attention quickly. But, the fact is nobody perfect in this world in all ways. Everyone has certain flaws and must find the right way to overcome them. 

Or else they lose many precious things in their life. If you fear or hesitate to embrace your flaws, order the  Becoming  Flawesome book.

Ways in which the book impacts your life 

Kristina shares her experience in the book to make readers understand the real impact of accepting imperfection to lead an authentic life. A clear and refreshing insight boosts the readers’ positive outlook on life. Additionally, they follow the author’s practical advice to embrace the incredible journey toward a successful life. Here are the ways Kristina suggests for readers to bring positivity into their lives.

  • Kristina encourages the readers to remove the thought of being perfect in all circumstances. Get out of the habit of comparing yourself with others and fixing your imperfection. Focus more on finding your inner worth through self-compassion. It maximizes positive thoughts and achieves your life goal easily.
  • People often wear masks to pretend to be the perfect parent, spouse, and employee. The author advises removing these unwanted masks because it showcases that you are trying to hide your fear. Instead of killing your inner value, accept your true self to grow and shine.
  • The author provides some valuable tips to overcome self-doubt and fear because these monsters make people wear masks. Initially, pursuing perfecting brings fear and doubt. But, knowing its strong relationship will help grab all good things.
  • The one thing Kristina constantly conveys in her book is learning the art of living in imperfection. She shares her experience in the book to convince the readers to follow their practical tips. Additionally, she asks the people to celebrate their true selves and accept their flaws.

Overall, #BecomingFlawesome is not just a regular book. It is a journey toward self-acceptance and discovery toward a fulfilling and happy life.