How should you hire an iPhone app developer: ultimate guide in 2022

Are you an iOS app lover, or do you prefer android apps? Do you know both applications require separate skilled developers? 

If you want to develop a mobile application for iPhone users, you must hire an iOS developer or any iOS app development company. If you are a non-techie, you may find difficulty in shortlisting a better company or a developer that helps you achieve your goal of developing an excellent iOS app.     

Though android apps are pretty famous, globally several regional markets like the US, France, Norway and Canada, iOS is dominant. In comparison with Android users, iPhone users are active online shoppers and spend on premium features and paid apps.

Android app development services & iOS app development services are very different, but iOS developers are unique because Android apps do not follow any standard, android is open-source. iOS app development has strict guidelines by Apple company to get the approval; hence the developers need to be experts.

Before sharing a step by step guide to iOS app development, one should be clear of is the requirement. Where to hire an iOS app developer, or how should you hire an app development service? We will answer these questions after you have carved out your application requirements.

Define your app development goals

  • First, define your app idea in detail 
  • List down the objectives
  • Set your budget limit
  • Create a list of functionalities your app may have
  • The distinctive features you want it to have

Post addressing your app idea objectives; you should decide whether to hire an iOS developer freelancer or an iOS app development company or hire a team for iOS app development.

Specific skills are crucial for the one who will work on iOS mobile app development. Hence listed below are the skills of an iOS developer you must check before finalizing the person. 

iPhone app developer

Vital skills iOS must have 

  • Proficiency in the language swift, which Apple prefers for building an iOS app.
  • Familiarity with XCode IDE, UI/UX design processes, 
  • Experience in working with Metal or Open GL and core data framework
  • Apple is pretty strict on its app development; hence knowledge of code human interface guidelines is crucial 
  • and different API’s like cocoa touch and UIKit
  • Application security knowledge
  • Level of expertise in coding and testing

Essential factors for hiring a developer – 

  • Soft skills, especially like communication and time management
  • Experience in working on mobile applications 
  • Expertise in iOS mobile app development work
  • Portfolio
  • Number of successful live projects
  • Testimonials

A freelancer or a mobile app development company? 

Secondly, hiring a freelance developer is not wise if you want to build the application from scratch because it is tricky to control them and track the progress; hence, the app might not be the way you want it to be. 

Also, if you do not have an in-house development team, hiring a mobile app development company with an expert and competent team of developers is the best option. 

Where will you find the right iOS app developer? 

You may be figuring out where to hire an app developer; then, we must share several websites where professionals showcase their skills and work. One can hire the developer from a website like Upwork, Clutch, etc. or a professional network like LinkedIn. These websites let you search for the right iOS developer as per your budget and requirement. You can search for an app developer based on hourly rates or a complete project basis. 

If you hire an iOS developer in your team for full-time services, then you will have to pay them the complete salary whether you have worked for them or not. iOS developer salary can be taxing, especially when you are not frequently building iOS apps.

The iOS developer rates also depend on the professional’s experience and expertise.

Suppose you have a complete technology development team at your office. In that case, you may hire a junior-level iOS developer who might not have a majority of experience but will have the right skills required for app development.

A middle-level developer can carry out the complete project single-handed with enough projects upon their sleeve as experience that lets them take decisions smoothly. 

A senior-level iOS developer who is an expert and has a full-fledged team handles every aspect of mobile app development with finesse.  

Summing up:

Now that you know how to hire an iOS developer for your project, get your dream app developed and take your business to the next level. You may share your comments if you have any queries. Should you wish to know about android app development, read the top 10 android app development tools in 2022.