How to Get the Fastest Internet Range?

Everybody is in search of getting the fastest internet range. That’s why all of them explore many options on Google. 99% percent of the searches are just marketing about their products. They describe their product in such a manner that users get forced to buy. But, after buying the product, a few of them return it immediately and few return afterward. The reason being, they didn’t get the product as described or the product’s performance is pathetic.

I never go with the reviews of the customers because sometimes, they don’t match our search. After buying the product (as per good reviews), what if we get a low performance or bad product? Whom to blame? That’s why I always do what I need.

And, this time – what I did – bought a Netgear EX6100 WiFi range extender. I keep wondering that after performing the Netgear EX6100 setup how this little product give me the fastest internet speed? How the product cover all the dead zones?

But, just buying Netgear EX6100 WiFi range extender is not enough. There are many things that I did. After a little effort, I got the fastest internet speed ever.

  • The First Step what I Did

Unboxed the Netgear EX6100 extender carefully and kept it aside.

  • The Second Step

I choose a working wall outlet for the extender near my existing router.

  • The Third Step

I powered it on and waited a bit for the LEDs on the extender to become stable.

  • The Fourth Step

I grabbed an Ethernet cable and connected my Netgear EX6100 extender with my existing router. After connecting my devices, I checked the Ethernet connection between them by accessing mywifiext.local. The reason why I accessed mywifiext.local is because I am an Apple user. If you are an Android device or Windows PC user, then use

  • The Fifth Step

I opened my MacBook. But, before that, I updated its software. No matter which device you are using, you must check its software version before proceeding. If you find any software updates available for the device, download or update it right away.

  • The Sixth Step

I connected my MacBook to the extender’s WiFi network i.e. Netgear_Ext SSID.

  • The Seventh Step

I opened the Safari browser. You can open any web browser of your choice. Make sure that the browser’s software version is up-to-date. The reason being mywifiext.local or web address does not work on an outdated version of the internet browser.

  • The Eight Step

I entered the web address in the browser search bar. And, what I get – “mywifiext.local not working”. Alas! Then after a lot of troubleshooting – 

  • I cleared all the browsing history.
  • There were a couple of tabs opened on the browser. So, I closed them all.
  • Restarted my MacBook.
  • This time I used the URL bar and it worked. So, if you want to prevent non-working of the web address issue, simply keep the browser search bar at bay.
  • The Ninth Step

I was redirected to the setup window of Netgear EX6100 extender. After that, I provided the default extender’s login username and password and hit the login.

  • The Last Step

I followed the on-screen instructions and completed the Netgear EX6100 setup process in minutes. You might be wondering why haven’t you provided the complete Netgear EX6100 setup instructions, right? The answer to this is simple! The extender setup instructions vary from the model you have and the device you are using. So, I don’t want you to mess up with the Netgear extender setup process. Don’t worry! The extender setup instructions are as simple as counting 123. You will not get stuck at any step.

After configuring the extender, I disconnect it from the router, unplugged it, and move it to the center location of my house. But, I kept the extender openly (neither inside a cabinet nor behind a table) and within reach of my existing router.

Then, I connected my devices to Netgear_Ext SSID and wrote this article on my balcony. Apart from this, while cooking pancakes, I keep on shopping online as well.

Now I can say, for the fastest internet speed, the Netgear EX6100 WiFi range extender is the excellent choice.

So, what’s your feedback regarding the article?