Kamia – Strategic Psychology

Kamia Harris is a psychologist with extensive expertise in counselling, assessment, mental health intervention, critical incident response and organisational training. Additionally, she holds trainings in neuroscience and positive psychology. Based in Canberra, ACT, her practice is accredited by the Australian Psychological Society with specialization in strategic psychology.


Kamia has over 18 years of experience working in mental health services, and holds certifications in counselling, assessment, critical incident response and organisational training. Her interests range from neuroscience research and neuroplasticity to positive psychology and mindfulness-based techniques. Her therapeutic approach is collaborative and sensitive, acknowledging a person’s individual hopes and needs while helping them make informed decisions about their life. She has a special interest in stress, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, personal development and resilience. She has extensive experience working in a range of sectors, such as the Australian Defence Force, private practice, public and community health services, hospital and rehabilitation settings. Furthermore, she holds advisory and research roles. With a passion for public education about mental health she conducts outreach programs and supports government and private allied healthcare practices alike.


Kamia is a Canberra-based psychologist with 18 years of experience working in the mental health industry. Her expertise includes counseling and assessment, critical incident response, organisational training and advisory roles. Furthermore, Kamia has an avid interest in neuroscience research, neuroplasticity, positive psychology and mindfulness-based techniques. As part of her affiliation to the Australian Psychological Society, she holds this designation.

Kamia Harris Strategic Psychology offers comprehensive assessments of mental health and personality as well as coaching for goal setting, career planning and management, and emotional intelligence development. She works with a range of issues such as stress, depression and anxiety; grief/loss; life changes/transitions; anger management; sleep disorders; and self-confidence.

Critical Incident Response

Kamia Harris is a psychologist specializing in counselling, assessment, mental health intervention and critical incident response. With over 18 years of experience working within this field of psychology spanning across private, government and military sectors, she brings with her an extensive network of contacts. She has worked with clients in a variety of contexts and issues, such as work, career, relationships, grief/loss, life transition, adjustment, anger management, sleep issues, assertiveness issues, depression stress anxiety and psychological first aid. She has extensive expertise in organisational training and advisory roles. Her vast corporate knowledge is invaluable, having worked on numerous critical incidents alongside colleagues. Harris employees, families and volunteers can rely on her expertise for support during times of personal or emotional crisis – simply call 1300 277 924 for assistance.

Organisational Training

Kamia has worked in the mental health industry for over 18 years. Her expertise ranges from counselling and organisational training, through assessment and critical incident response. Furthermore, she has an interdisciplinary interest in neuroscience and positive psychology – especially as they apply to work-life balance – with an emphasis on sleep as a key factor for optimizing productivity and wellbeing. Kamia holds memberships with both Australian Psychological Society and Canberra Women’s Network; furthering her commitment to excellence every day!