Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse’s arrest sparked national conversations about Second Amendment rights, self-defense, violence at protests for racial justice, vigilantism and how the police and justice system treat people of color differently.

The case involved how Rittenhouse, who resided in Antioch, Illinois – just across the Wisconsin border from Chicago – arrived in Kenosha to protect businesses from looters and rioters during demonstrations following a police shooting which resulted in Jacob Blake’s death, an 29-year-old black man.

Height and Weight

Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth is a right-wing vigilante responsible for killing two individuals during the Black Lives Matter protest held in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 31, 2016. Born January 3 2003 in Antioch Illinois.

He stands 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs 68 kg, with green eyes and brown hair.

Mike and Wendy Rittenhouse are parents to Faith (born 2000) and McKenzie ( born 2003).

Rittenhouse became interested in law enforcement and gun rights at an early age despite his difficult circumstances, travelling to Kenosha during civil unrest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake to join an armed citizens’ protection force to defend local businesses during protests that ensued.

Rittenhouse fired shots into the crowd during the protest and shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber before wounding another individual using a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle, sparking national debate over gun laws and vigilantism.

Education and Career

Rittenhouse is currently attending college and has previously participated in local police cadet programs as a cadet member. Additionally, he has experience as both a fry cook and janitor.

He boasts a large following on social media and is widely known for being outspoken about conservative issues, often speaking at various conservative gatherings.

His case became the subject of much discussion regarding Second Amendment rights, self-defense tactics, vigilantism and race relations in America. Ultimately, however, the court acquitted him on all charges brought against him.

Jay Thorne, spokesperson of Arizona State University, confirmed that the teenager has enrolled in an online nursing program at Arizona State. Although he has yet to go through the admissions process with them, Jay said this could happen soon.

Rittenhouse attended Lakes Community High School in Antioch, Illinois as a freshman during one semester in 2017 before leaving to pursue other opportunities. He no longer remains at Lakes.

Personal Life

Rittenhouse may have shared on his social media account an image depicting him with a rifle during protests – the third night after Kenosha police shot seven times at close range a 29-year-old Black man from Kenosha.

Rittenhouse’s family claims he went to Kenosha that day to defend a used car dealership that had been graffitied the night before and act in self-defense, according to his mother Wendy Rittenhouse and published by the Chicago Tribune.

Prosecutors contend Rittenhouse, then 17, was inexperienced, falsified his age claim to own weapons and acted recklessly; but defense attorney Steven Binger countered these arguments by characterizing Rittenhouse’s actions as self-protection during an emotional first week of trial during which Rittenhouse broke down in tears.

John Huber, father of Anthony Huber – one of Rittenhouse’s victims killed that night – reported to prosecutors that his son would pose a flight risk if released on bond and claimed police failed to stop militia men from roaming Kenosha streets that night; an allegation which Rittenhouse’s lawyer refuted.


Kyle Rittenhouse was born January 3rd 2003 in Antioch Illinois USA. At 5ft8inches tall and 140 pounds he stands as one of Antioch Illinois’ tallest students.

Rittenhouse was a right-wing vigilante responsible for shooting and killing two Black Lives Matter protesters during the Kenosha riots of 2020. Upon trial in 2021, his attorneys asserted that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

However, Rittenhouse’s conviction was highly controversial and divided the United States. Additionally, there were allegations against him for orchestrating the murder and multiple charges were leveled against him including first-degree murder.

Rittenhouse announced to Fox News in an interview that, once his trial had concluded, he intended to sue media outlets for defamation of character. He described himself as being “nice young man” who simply wants to protect himself.