Overwhelmed – Definition and Meaning

There are many times when you hear about how vital it is to cope with every challenge life throws at you bravely and with aplomb, but we’ll bet that you’ll not be told that it’s normal, and even expected, for you to feel overwhelmed at times. The anxiety, frustration, and emotions you must deal with daily can build over time, making it seem like you’re in need of taking a break from everything.

In most instances, being overwhelmed is usually the case. The overwhelmed definition can be summarized as a situation where you’re stricken by flashes of intense emotion that are very difficult to manage.

For the majority of people, the concept of being overwhelmed emotionally can have the ability to think and make decisions affected. That’s one of the reasons it’s vital to be aware of the overwhelmed definition and the different factors that could be bringing you to that state.

Four Signs that You’re Emotionally Exhausted

Before we go over ways to make your life better after understanding the definition of overwhelmed, it’s critical to know how to recognize if you’re emotionally overwhelmed. Below are four of the most common signs that you’re a part of the definition of overwhelmed:

  • You experience disproportionately powerful reactions to very small or insignificant things. For instance, if you find yourself panicking because you can’t find your keys, that’s probably a sign of emotional overload.
  • You’re physically exhausted throughout the day even after a good amount of rest.
  • It’s impossible to focus and complete even the most basic of tasks and you’ll always get distracted by different topics.
  • Your emotions are affecting the way you perceive everything. The most well-known kind of emotional overload one good example is grief, making all the festivities seem sad.

It is important to keep in mind that these are only a few indications of the standard definition of overwhelm. If you are experiencing another form of emotional overwhelm, don’t dismiss it as simply a bad feeling, because it may very well be a sign not listed in this article!

What to do when You’re Feeling Stressed

It’s hard to cope with all the things life is throwing at you in the beginning. Currently, events like the pandemic are only making things worse, as many people around the world are trapped in their homes and be separated from any physical contact with their friends and loved ones.

If you are feeling like you fall into this overloaded definition you are, then take a step back from your routine and test some of these tips:

1. Remove Yourself From Your Life

The most effective way to reduce being overwhelmed or anxious is to eliminate the main cause of stress or negative emotions. For most people it’s simply having a break from their daily routine and spending some time with themselves. Drink a cup of tea and go through a romantic novel or lay on your sofa and watch a film Make sure you’re not overly stressed!

2. Be Gentle to Yourself

Sometimes, there aren’t external stressors, and no people screaming , and you’re overloaded. Sometimes, it’s your inability to accept the blame for something that can make you feel overwhelmed. While it can be any thing, the essence of feeling overwhelmed is the constant mental dread we feel towards something.

It’s important to always remember that regardless of how often you feel overwhelmed, it’s not either stupid or weak to feel this way. You can give yourself the room you’re entitled to and you’ll soon be living a much more enjoyable life.

3. Get Help

Most people don’t make use of their social networks when they’re stressed We’re here say that’s not the case. Your friends, and especially your family members, are there for you to draw on during stressful moments of stress. If you’d like to vent, talk to an immediate family member or friend, and offload all the things that make you feel like you’re not doing your job.

Today, individuals can go online to seek a sympathetic ear or understand the meaning of overwhelmed. The Internet is filled with forums that help each other offload their emotional burdens. Give it a try to see if it’s helped thousands of people all over the world!

4. Note What’s causing you to be upset.

Don’t believe it, keeping a diary every day is a tip recommended by therapists across the world. It is a good idea to take time out of your day to keep it, which allows you to have the opportunity to keep your motivation high. Writing it down usually helps you put your problems in perspective, which allows you to pinpoint exactly what’s bothering you.


In the end, after we’ve spoken about things like the overwhelmed definition and the meaning of being overwhelmed, it’s vital to be aware it’s a natural aspect of our lives. Most of us can’t help taking on more than we should and that’s why we’re likely to feel overwhelmed sooner or later. Remember the above points in times of emotional stress and make use of them to carve out the time you require to be more relaxed!