Popular hairdos with dirndl dresses

Are you figuring out the perfect hairdo with a dirndl dress? We have got the best guide for you! The hairdo is most of your overall look. Make sure you pay attention to it. When it comes to attending an event or Oktoberfest, it becomes even more important. A hairdo can make or break your overall look. It can also be an effortless way to uplift an ordinary dress. Make sure to opt for a hairdo that goes well with your dress.

A dirndl is a traditional dress. Most women prefer a traditional hairdo like braids or buns. However, with time we have seen other trending hairdos with vintage dirndl dresses. Moreover, hair accessories have also gained immense popularity over the years. It adds a great glamorous touch to your hairdo and ordinary dresses. 

How to attain the best looking hairdos with a dirndl dress?

Picking a hairdo for a vintage dirndl dress can be difficult. However, you should consider a few things before choosing it—the time of the event, weather conditions, and the type of hair you have.

The following hairdos are the most popular with Oktoberfest dirndl dress.

Braided crown

Braid is one of the most loved and cute-looking hairstyles with a vintage dirndl. Braids are known to be one of the most traditional-looking hairstyles. When deciding a hairstyle specifically for a dirndl dress, think of its origin. Previously, they were referred to as’ maid’s uniforms,’ and they wear them whether with braids or buns. 

A braided crown hairstyle will give you more of a royal and sleek look.

Most young women and girls opt for a braided look that suits them best. Also, this hairstyle will look perfect on you if you have a heart or round face.

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Twisted tendrils

You can try out half updo hairstyles if you’re not an admirer of braids. These adorable-looking hairstyles appear to be the perfect match with Oktoberfest dirndls. Moreover, you can even accessorize it with fancy pins and bows to glam up your hairdo.  

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Boxer braids

Boxer braids are as cool as their name. These braids are referred to as classic hairstyles for vintage dirndl dress. However, it does require time and effort, but the results are worthy. Not many women out there are expected to be familiar with boxer braids. We have a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the desired results.

  • Start by dividing your hair into two sections.
  • Pick one side and divide that section into three more sections.
  • Tie up a french braid as normal.
  • Keep the braid close to your hairline.
  • When finished, secure it with a pin or hair tie.
  • Repeat the same procedure with another section.

Boxer braids compliment every vintage dirndl dress, but you should have at least mid-hair length to get a finished look.

Side braid

It’s raining braids here, and we are not complaining. Tie even a simple braid; it will go well with an Oktoberfest dirndl. They add a sense of tradition and custom to your dress. 

Simple bun

It might be rare to see, but a simple bun can go a long way with a vintage dirndl. It adds a soft and elegant touch to your overall look. These buns can be best suited for married or widows attending an Oktoberfest. 

How to wear short hair with a vintage dirndl dress?

Short hair, girls! Bid farewell to your hairdo issues. We have a list of hairstyles you can try out with your vintage dirndl dress. The following hairstyles are best suited if you have short hair.

  • Wavy hairstyle

You can always go for waves if you struggle hard with your short hair. It is one of the most effortless hairstyles for women. You can easily get wavy hair with a flat iron. It does require time and effort. Moreover, it will give you a modish look with your Oktoberfest dirndl dress.

  • Flower crown

Putting fresh flowers in your hairdos will never go out of fashion. They add a more refreshing look and uplift your mood too. You can opt to wear a flower crown with your short hair. It is one of the easiest hairdos to try.

  • soft/ loose curls

Soft or loose curls look one of the trendy and finest hairdos. It not only looks good on casual days but also at events. Also, it all adds a contemporary touch to your vintage dirndl dress.

Pick the top-trending Oktoberfest dirndl dress online

Now that you have made your way through to hairstyle, it’s time to get your hands on one of the most fashionable vintage dirndls to dress up. There are plenty of online stores selling dirndl dresses. However, the key here is to get trendy yet traditional vintage dirndl dress to look alike. 

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