Sheep Dipping: How It Can Benefit Your Flock

Running a farm can be incredibly challenging. You have a whole list of tasks to do and you start bright and early every morning to get everything done on time. That, coupled with the challenges a business can face these days, can make it difficult to survive in the long run. 

Over the years, several types of technologies have been introduced in all types of farming and shepherding industries. While they have been incredibly helpful, they can often be expensive or complicated. The farmers and shepherds who take advantage of the technologies, stay ahead of the competition. 

Among the comforts of the new age of technology are mobile units for sheep dipping. While sheep dipping has been around for a long time, it’s not common for all farmers and requires going through a hectic process. But, you can benefit by hiring mobile units to come to your farm to take care of sheep dipping for you.

But, what exactly is sheep dipping? Find out that and more below. 

What Is Sheep Dipping?

Sheep dipping is a process carried out by using a special formulation of pesticide and insecticide called a sheep dip, which is used by farmers or shepherds to protect their flock. A sheep dip can help shepherds and farmers keep their sheep from lice, ticks, itch mites, and blow-fly.

These days, you can hire a company to bring their mobile unit and carry out lice treatment for sheep rather than going through the hectic process yourself. 

By calling the professionals, you can be sure they use the best brand of sheep dip and know the most effective techniques for carrying out the process. After all, the worst thing would be to go through sheep dipping and missing one spot to have the entire problem all over again.

Benefits of Sheep Dipping

External Only

Many farmers or shepherds avoid using all kinds of chemicals with their flocks, herds, and crops. While that makes sense for many types of chemicals, sheep dipping is a whole different thing.

The sheep dip used by the professionals targets the outside area only. The solution only goes after the external parasites. You don’t have to worry about it affecting the animals.

Does Not Cause Drug Resistance

Since it’s nearly impossible to keep the conditions completely hygienic for your sheep, there is always a chance for them to get worms and other diseases. For that, you will need to use anthelmintics or antiparasitic drugs. 

Many shepherds and farmers are usually concerned that solutions like the sheep dip can cause resistance to those antiparasitic drugs. Fortunately, sheep dipping is safe.

Quick and Efficient

With mites or lice infestations, you need a great solution to take care of the problem quickly to protect your sheep. With sheep dipping, you get a great formulation that, when used properly, can kill all the lice quickly, and reduce the mite antigens on the sheep’s skin that causes inflammation. 

All-In-One Solution

Since there is more than one type of infestation your sheep can be suffering from, you have to use a product that can properly target the problem. Even if you know your sheep have mites, for instance, you can’t be sure whether or not they also have lice. Therefore, sheep dipping gives you one solution for different types of infestations.