The Brand New Certificate IV in IT Program Australia

Microsoft is taking another big step forward in its Certificate IV in IT program. These changes make it easier to use a Microsoft certificate. However, there are weaknesses. In addition, anyone who takes a Certificate IV in IT course or wants to take a Microsoft certification course should keep an eye on application development. They should be familiar with these new updates, which have already been approved by Microsoft. This affects some Microsoft certificates.

Are there any changes to Certificate IV in IT?

Microsoft terminates MCITP and MCTS addresses. These certificates replace the old MCSE and MCSA names from Microsoft.

However, Microsoft has not changed its name. Microsoft didn’t just change the name. MCITP typically reduces address allocation by comparing them to MCSA addresses rather than MCSE addresses, which is often Microsoft’s best authentication format.

Microsoft needs to re-certify for people who want to keep the new MCSE or MCSD designation, but when Microsoft first wanted to adopt it, many certificate holders were unhappy. However, with the ever-changing technologies in the world, many are beginning to realize that not everyone can achieve the same level of mastery if they do not learn constantly. MCSE certification and all MCSD certifications must be renewed every three years. Two-year MCSA certification is not required.

Why is this changing?

Microsoft MCITP and MCTS names are poorly received by Microsoft graduates. Many companies are not yet familiar with this technology. Therefore, you cannot distinguish a new Microsoft certificate from an old Microsoft certificate. This means that it is difficult for job seekers. This is because the meaning of the new certificate must be clear to employers. And why is it normal to confirm the old way?

Another reason why Microsoft is not allowed to change the default software is that Microsoft must regularly update new certificates. However, the company still does not know how to apply for a certificate renewal and how the certificate will expire. Needless to say, this creates a lot of uncertainty for those who want to join the Microsoft training program.

How to renew a valid certificate?

Almost all new MCSE, MCSD and MCSA certificates have to pass special tests. These tests test students’ knowledge of next-generation new features and technologies. At least one valid MCTS or MCITP certificate is required for these promotional tests. In addition, if you have an MCITP certificate for Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, you can expect to receive the appropriate MCSA certificate automatically.

What are the benefits of updating a Certificate IV in IT?

This is because Microsoft has recently changed the rules of certificates. Therefore, you do not need to renew your license immediately. Many employers want to hire someone with MCITP or MCTS certification. Especially if it is a person who has experience in this field and is looking for new developments.

But over time, more and more people will be able to receive the latest system and technology updates released by Microsoft. Obtaining a new certificate can take some time and money. In addition, knowledge gained from previous Microsoft programs is very important and can be considered as a new standard for a bachelor’s degree. The need to upgrade existing certificates (with additional testing) is even more important, as many companies use the latest Microsoft technologies (Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, etc.).

Certificate IV in IT of Diploma of IT system warns people who are studying or attending certain Microsoft training courses, but change can be difficult. However, they are often useful and ultimately help to reflect the level of education and knowledge in a particular IT environment. Don’t worry, Microsoft is introducing new technologies. An old (or existing) certificate (also known as a certificate of inheritance) that works with the new software can use the old certificate without any problems. However, we recommend that you switch to a new certificate.

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