TikTok Analytics Your Guide to understanding the metrics

TikTok Analytics is the most important factor in increasing your TikTok strategy. All you need is a (free!) TikTok Pro Account to start using them!

Thanks to TikTok’s built-in analytics, you can target specific buymalaysianfollowers people and truly get to know what they’re looking for.

In this article, we will go over TikTok Pro’s analytics and explain how they can help you establish your TikTok strategy for 2020!

How to access TikTok Analytics? are and how to access They

After a number of TikTok creators wished for more information, the popular app launched TikTok Pro Accounts which is a no-cost upgrade to your account that gives users to access a wealth of information you can utilize to build your account.

Although the insights of TikTok may appear easy at first, when you look deeper, you’ll discover an abundance of helpful statistics and data that can aid you in connecting and the TikTok community.

Follow these simple steps to change to Pro Account!

How do you create an account for Pro:

  • From your profile page click on the Privacy and Settings tab.
  • Select “Manage My Account.”
  • Select “Switch into Pro Account” and then select “Creator” instead of “Business”.
  • Select your sector (this category will not be shown to the public).

Your TikTok account is now loaded with a Pro account, which gives you accessibility to TikTok Analytics on mobile and desktop.

It’s time to create or schedule TikTok videos using Later! When the time comes to publish all the information is sent directly to your smartphone!

TikTok Analytics Individual Post Performance

To see the analytics of an individual post, click on the 3 dots located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and choose “Analytics.”

The statistics for each post show all you must know about the performance of your post. This includes:

  • Plays played
  • Likes and comments
  • The number of comments
  • Shares in the number

Some analytics tools require over 100 followers to be able to access information.

Viewership Metrics

The dashboard also contains the most important metrics for viewership including:

  • All Playtime: All-time information on how many minutes, hours, and seconds this video was watched.
  • average watch time: how long your video was watched.

Utilize these numbers to develop your own benchmarks and averages. You can then compare the performances of your videos to continue growing and expanding your wings in a creative way.

You can also utilize the average amount of time you watch (and evaluate it against the total duration

of the video) to calculate the average rate of completion for your videos to determine whether your videos are optimized for looping and the ability to repeat viewers.

Types of Traffic Sources

This section reveals how your viewers found your content, as an approximate percentage divided. 

This is a great tool to determine how people are getting your content, whether it’s via your personal profile, For You page, or the following tab.

Audience Territories

This will show the location where your traffic to your videos comes from by country (based on the number of viewers). This helps you figure out the location that is performing best.

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TikTok Analytics: Account Dashboard

When the Pro Account is enabled there will be a brand new analytics option under your account’s options.

We recommend taking a peek at your desktop by clicking the upper right-hand tab and then selecting “View Analytics.”

This is the place where TikTok gives you the most recent data over the past 7 and 28 days based upon the option you choose.

When the data is populated and you are able to dive into your account’s data. There are three categories that TikTok shows on your dashboard for account users The three categories are Overview, Content and Followers.

Dashboard #1: Overview

The TikTok Analytics Overview will do exactly what it claims on the label: it provides an excellent overview of the performance of your account.

Here, you will be able to view the last 28 days’ worth of data:

  • Video Views
  • Follower Growth
  • Profile Views

Dashboard #2: Content

“Content” tab “Content” tab provides an abundance of knowledge and information available to you.

In the Video Posts tab, you will see the top nine videos (that you uploaded within seven days) that have the highest increase in views.

If you don’t make a post within seven days, you’ll be greeted with an empty dashboard that encourages you to write more.

In the Trending Videos tab, you’ll be able to see the videos that are being featured in the For You page (within this timeframe) as well as the total amount of views they have earned through.

Trending Video Views displays the top nine videos that have the highest growth in the last 7 days. This provides valuable insight into which videos are currently trending even if they were made before the 7 day timeframe.

It’s a good spot to check if you’ve got anything “slow burning” content.

Your TikTok videos might get a surge in the number of views that are seen weeks, days, up to months following the time being published Don’t dismiss every post as an immediate failure!

Dashboard #3: Followers

The last tab is the tab for Followers.

Here, you’ll be able to see the breakdown of demographic data to share with your followers!

Follower count displays how many followers you have at the time of the seven-day reporting period and also how many followers you’ve lost or gained during the each week.

Gender analytics provide the complete number of followers based on their gender.

Top Territories shows where your followers reside by country in an estimated percentage breakdown. 

This will allow you to determine whether you’re reaching the people who are the ideal audience for your brand.

Follower Activity tracks your follower’s activities based on when your followers are the most present on their platform.

This is a very useful measure because it shows the hourly hours for specific dates when your audience is actively scrolling, but it also lets you discern the times that your audience is not the most active.

Knowing when your followers are the most engaged is among the most effective methods to find the most effective time to post and is an excellent way to ensure increased engagement right out of the beginning.

When you have identified the time slots that work most optimal, upload at those times that are the most popular.

Important: TikTok showcases data across all accounts using UTC Keep this in mind when studying.

Are you interested in learning more about how to determine the most appropriate time to post on TikTok? We have a blog post devoted to doing exactly this! Go here to read it.

TikTok Analytics Reporting

Now that you’re an expert in TikTok analytics, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your performance.

Every week be aware of which Videos and Sounds your followers have seen to the highest (in combination with your content as well as metrics for your audience).

Tip: TikTok Analytics only displays information for 28 days before expiring. To make

sure you do not miss out, make sure you check regularly to track your performance. On a computer, you can download the CSV file to keep it safe.

This will not only be an excellent source of ideas, but it can also provide a platform for you to learn about the most popular themes, sounds, or hashtags that you can use in your next content.

There you go this is our complete information guide on TikTok analytics!

You should now have a clear understanding of the advantages Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia could provide to your company If you’re looking for more suggestions We’ve got plenty of new TikTok sources to come!