Tips for USA Teachers in Abu Dhabi

If you’re planning to teach English abroad, you should know that there are plenty of teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi for USA or Canadian teachers here are Tips for USA Teachers in Abu Dhabi.

You’re no doubt excited about your teaching job prospects in Abu Dhabi, but there are a few things you should know before you move.

If you’re a teacher who is moving to the UAE, be sure to make these next five tips part of your strategy for teaching abroad in the UAE.

Follow these tips and you’ll be better prepared for life in Abu Dhabi as an expat teacher.

Be aware of local customs

Many people in the UAE practice Islam, which means they follow certain beliefs and guidelines that may differ from their own  Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi. For example, Muslims don’t eat pork or drink alcohol, and they fast during the month of Ramadan. You don’t need to change your own beliefs to live in Abu Dhabi, but it will help you fit in if you’re respectful of others’ customs and traditions. Just try not to be offended if someone declines a meal or drink because it’s not halal (permissible under Islamic law). If a woman wears a hijab (headscarf), don’t make remarks about her appearance; she wears it as part of her religious observance, not as an expression of modesty.

Find a good expat accommodation option

If you are moving to Abu Dhabi, it is important to have a place to stay when you do not want to live with your host family. There are many accommodation options for expats.

Consider living near the school or in a community where other teachers live. If you live near the school, it will be easier to arrive early in the morning and leave late in the evening. It will also make it easy for you to participate in school functions and events. Living with other teachers will let you meet people who share your interests.

Get to know your work colleagues

You’ll be spending the majority of your time with them so make sure they’re good people who have similar interests as you. This will make your working day much easier and more fun. You’ll find that there are plenty to choose from – after all, who better understands your experiences than someone else who has recently been through the same process.

Make the most of your weekends.

It’s easy to fall into a routine of staying indoors during the weekend and making plans for the week ahead, but this isn’t the healthiest way to spend your free time. Abu Dhabi is full of great attractions and museums, as well as fantastic shopping opportunities – so make sure you get out there and explore them all.

Explore the city in your free time

Abu Dhabi is a great city to explore, and there are lots of fun things to do. Take time out of your busy schedule to explore the city in your free time. As an American Tips for USA Teachers in Abu Dhabi teacher in Abu Dhabi, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to travel in your holidays and vacation throughout the year. If you’re lucky enough to be placed in Abu Dhabi, I recommend you take full advantage of it.

Abu Dhabi has a lot of fun activities and attractions that are within walking distance or short bus rides from your school. Explore the city and make the most out of your teaching experience.

Know where to get the best food in town

Abu Dhabi enjoys a multi-cultural society, and you will discover food from all over the world. The local food is based on Arab and Asian cuisine, with plenty of fresh fish dishes as well as lamb and chicken. The city has numerous 5-star hotels which cater to tourists from around the world, and you can get great food at these hotels both at lunchtime and at dinner. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants offering local delicacies including falafel sandwiches (chickpea balls), shawarma (lamb or chicken in pitta bread), and kababs (skewered meat).