Top 8 WordPress Plugins 2022

Setting up a WordPress website is never going to be complete if you are not utilizing different plugins. WordPress is known for offering a plethora of unique and high-quality plugins for every aspect of running a website. Here are the top 8 WordPress plugins to check-in 2022. 

1. WP Maintenance 

WP Maintenance is one of the best WordPress plugins you need to use if you are going to rebrand your website in 2022. This plugin can help you create an engaging and professional-looking maintenance page. It will allow you to let your visitors know that you are currently working on your website. WP Maintenance can help you with search engine optimization even while you are fixing some things behind the scene. 

2. WP Force SSL

Safety on your website is something you should pay close attention to. WP Force SSL plugin can help you protect your visitor’s private information. It also enables you to stay on top of the search engine as it shows any of your visitors that your site has SSL certification. SSL stands for secure sockets layer. 

3. WP Reset 

In case there are some elements of your WordPress website you would like to reset to default settings, you can do it with the help of the WP Reset plugin. With its easy-to-navigate dashboard, you will be able to reset any part of your WordPress website you want. There is a feature to screenshot your website in case you decide you don’t want to reset it after all. 

4. Simple Author Box 

Simple Author Box is a plugin that will provide you with all the features and options for you to create professional author boxes. Author boxes will make your WordPress look much more professional. Once your readers come to the end of the article they will be able to see who is the person behind it. It will provide credibility to your website and the author. This plugin is especially beneficial to those websites that have a lot of writers. 

5. Google Maps Widget 

Having a map on your website is a great way to connect with your visitors even more. You can add one to your website with the help of Google Maps Widget. This is especially helpful if you have a physical store and would like your website visitors to come and check it out. Google Maps Widget allows you to add as many maps on your WordPress website as you would like to.

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6. WP Sticky 

The design of your WordPress website has a lot of power. WP Sticky can help you add sticky elements to your website. Once your visitors start scrolling the social media buttons, the header or some other elements can follow them. This can encourage other engagement that will help you grow your website. 

7. UnderConstructionPage 

UnderConstructionPage is an excellent plugin that will help you add an under-construction page to your website. Anyone who wants to fix broken links, change the design, or add new products needs to install this plugin. It allows you to easily enable and disable maintenance mode. There are different themes you can choose if you don’t want to build a maintenance page from scratch. 

8. Coming Soon & Maintenance 

Coming Soon & Maintenance is another great plugin that allows you to make your website private while you are working on it. There are a lot of advanced features that make this plugin loved by many WordPress website owners but also website developers. One of the top features is the option to add a countdown. 

Adding high-quality WordPress plugins can significantly help you grow your website in 2022. This is a list of plugins that you need to install on your website right now.