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Angry Birds has quickly become one of the world’s most successful game series since its release, having been downloaded over 3 billion times worldwide since.

This Unblocked Games 66 EZ boasts numerous exciting features that make it entertaining, such as its excellent graphics and ability to be accessed from any location.

Angry Birds Unblocked

Angry Birds is one of the most beloved mobile games. To play it, players need to draw back birds attached to a slingshot and launch them at pigs and buildings for destruction.

Play is simple but addictive – players must adjust angle and force when throwing birds at buildings in order to shoot down those structures, clearing each level quickly and effortlessly.

Angry Birds Space offers a classic knock-em-down gameplay mechanic, awarding bonus points based on how much damage has been caused and scoring out of three stars at the end. Though this formula has been utilized many times over, this version adds clever intricacies that keep players hooked from start to finish.

There is a selection of unblocked Angry Birds games available for mobile devices, PCs, and other platforms – some are free while others require payment through gems or coins.

Angry Birds 2 Unblocked

Angry Birds 2 is one of the most beloved mobile game franchises. Created by Rovio, this title boasts many exciting features and an unforgettable storyline which are sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

Shoot Birds with Slingshot to Destroy Pigs in This Online Game You can select 7 unique bird species and each has a special power to use against the pigs trying to steal their eggs! There are seven options from which you can choose when selecting your shot bird(s).

The controls are intuitive: simply left-click or tap and hold to move and shoot your bird of choice.

Your stage can also feature different number of birds to use; each level contains multiple segments you must destroy with just the birds you use in that stage; otherwise you won’t make enough points and make a score!

Your bird is equipped with boosters and power-ups that allow it to attack more efficiently, earning bonus points for completing levels, as well as potentially unlocking extra rewards if completing it with high scores.

Angry Birds Friends Unblocked

Angry Birds Friends for Android provides you with the chance to compete against your friends just like on Facebook, providing a fun and entertaining way to pass time while likely drawing in many new players.

Angry Birds Friends offers an excellent way to gain rewards that can help motivate you on the way forward, plus it is completely free.

Goal of this game is to shoot green pigs with a slingshot in order to destroy and collect points, using birds as ammunition against them.

Angry Birds Friends is an exciting and captivating game that will quickly have you hooked. Offering 24 new levels each week, this addictive experience is sure to keep you occupied for hours on end.

Angry Birds Star Wars Unblocked

Angry Birds Star Wars is the third Angry Birds title that marries its gameplay to the legendary Star Wars universe, featuring characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Han Solo from their films as well as pigs dressed up like stormtroopers or Tuskan Raiders from Star Wars films.

At Angry Birds Star Wars, players use catapults to launch birds towards structures and destroy them with the aim of earning stars and progressing to the next level.

Although this game departs slightly from Angry Birds’ classic gameplay, it still delivers fun gameplay. Each character comes equipped with their own special abilities — for instance Obi Wan Kenobi can use Force Pushing against enemies, while young Anakin uses his pod-racer ability.

At first, this game may appear free, yet its difficulty can make it challenging. Point purchases up to $100 allow players to unlock more characters and new abilities; this feels more like a cash grab than an improvement of gameplay; additionally, separately purchased Telepod figurines seem out-of-place within this app environment, and may not be safe for children.

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