What do Security Services Have to Offer to the Companies

With each passing day, the concern is rising for the companies to have the optimum security available on their premises. There is a steep rise in technology, and one can choose from a wide range of options available to secure their premises from thieves, vandalism, trespassers and emergencies. One can select a service according to their own needs and even combine multiple services to strengthen their security.

The security services available today have a range of manned guards, each with a specific role for a particular occasion or place that they are supposed to work at, key holding services, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, alarm systems and much more. Some security services provide them with all while some specialise in providing just one kind of a security service.

Now, let us take a look at some of the security services that are being usually offered.

Manned Guards: While some might argue that manned guards are an old way to secure your premises, it is essential to understand that they are equally important, if not more important, than CCTV cameras. Manned guards overcome the problem of blind spots that are left behind by CCTV cameras. And of course, there would be someone needed to operate and check upon the feed from the CCTV cameras. They are also essential when the camera lines are down or are in maintenance, a time when the premises could be more vulnerable.

CCTV Cameras: Since we compared manned guards with CCTV cameras so much, let us talk about CCTV cameras. The most significant advantage of having CCTV cameras as a security service is that you can have 24/7 protection and watch. They can also be fitted at places where human reach is impossible, so they cannot be harmed or tampered with physically. Some CCTV cameras record the footage, which can be accessed later on whenever needed, while some give you a live feed on your handheld devices. It really depends on your needs – what kind of cameras do you choose to get installed. Most companies give you a wide range in terms of picture quality and coverage as well so that there is no holding back in making a premise safe and secure.

Key holding Services: While not all security services offer this option, some of them do. For example, you can consider key holding as an agreement between a private party – the one whose premises need to be secured and the security company that will provide it with the service. The security company would take control of the spare keys of the premises. Suppose there is a security breach or an emergency like a fire. In that case, the security company will send a trained professional to investigate the issue, who would then use those spare keys in possession. They will then take appropriate action, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, try as much as possible not to involve the owner of the premises and eventually generate a report about the entire situation.

While one type of security option may fit one style of premises, it might not be working for a different kind of premises. It really depends on the size and nature of the business premise that needs to be secured. One can choose a single type of security option or can club together multiple security options. It is all up to the business owner. While we listed just three of the available security options, there could be more that can be used – like alarm systems, facial recognition, etc.