Who All are Included in the Hospice Care Team?

There is a big team behind the utmost care and support being provided to the hospice patients. This team is basically a group of hospice care professionals who ensure the patients live their last weeks or months with comfort and dignity. The hospice care team members at the hospice services in Rosamond include physicians, nurses, certified hospice care assistants, medical social workers, chaplains, volunteers, bereavement specialists, and family caregivers. Let’s talk in detail about each one.


There is a misconception that you cannot continue with primary care physician when in hospice. The patient can continue with a primary care physician who closely works with the hospice team to determine what can be done best to provide proper care and support to the patient. The primary care physicians basically oversee the clinical aspects of hospice care. For instance, they provide medicine to alleviate pain and manage the various symptoms of the disease.

Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurses are the one who is responsible for the patient’s care. The nurse visits the patient’s home according to the schedule to meet the patient’s needs. ‘The ultimate job of the nurse is to provide relief from the pain and manage the symptoms, keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. The hospice nurses also administer medication as necessary. They are always available for emergencies.

Hospice aide

Hospice aides are the nursing assistants who give personal care and help to perform day-to-day activities like dressing, bathing, mouth care, etc. In fact, they help the family caregivers by helping with housekeeping work.

Hospice Social Workers

They are hired to provide emotional and psychological support to the patient and their family members. Besides offering emotional and psychological support, they help the patient and the family with other tasks as well, including advanced directives like Power of attorney, Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR), and Living Wills. Likewise, they determine different care options, including respite care. They coordinate the logistic of the patient’s care, help you with finances and funeral planning, and work with insurance companies. Social workers are always ready to help out the family caregivers with multiple tasks that need time and effort to perform. |

Hospice Volunteer

Hospice volunteers are trained professionals to handle end-of-life issues and provide companionship to patients and families. They also support the patients by providing services like therapies, reading, and much more. Hospice Volunteers can be veteran volunteers to assist veteran patients. Hospice volunteers are a significant part of the hospice care team.

Bereavement Counselor

The bereavement counselor supports the family caregivers through the bereavement period that starts after the loved one is passed away. Going through this tough period is a very difficult period for the one who has lost someone close. The bereavement counselors personally help the family caregivers in their grief associated with the eventual death of the patient. The bereavement services can be provided for up to one year until the family caregivers come out of their grief.

Always approach a Trusted Hospice Care Service.

One of the most important things to remember is always to hire a reputed hospice care service who have a well trained team of hospice care professionals. Ensure every hospice member in the group is well-trained and well-versed in their job. Only then can you accomplish your purpose with hospice care.

There are many important things to consider while hiring a host—for instance, location. Considering the location of the hospice care staff matters a lot. They all must be located near to the patient’s location so that they can reach the patient’s place timely and whenever needed. Likewise, hospice care has a good relationship with the pharmacy to provide the right medication within time.

More for you

The last thing to consider is what level of care is offered by the hospice care service. There are four levels of hospice care. Your medical professionals or hospice care professionals will let you know what level of hospice care should be provided to the patients. Once you find the right hospice care service, you can rest assured that your patient will get the right Hospice Care At Home Antelope Valley.