Why Do Cats Stretch?

Feline fur babies often stretch their bodies in many ways. Do you remember how your cat stretched after waking up from the last nap? You might have also seen how a little furball gets into all kinds of positions while playing, eating, and begging for its owner’s attention.

Cats are furry yogis who can twist and turn their bodies in inconceivable ways. Although this is normal cat behavior, keep an eye out for signs of unusual behavior, so you know things are well with your fluffy friend.

Significant personality changes, excessive vocalization, and newly adopted abnormal behaviors can mean something is wrong with your furball’s health. When unsure, schedule an appointment with your vet for a thorough physical examination.

Should it be a physical illness causing your cat to stretch so much, your vet might suggest an appropriate course of treatment and therapy. Consider being equipped with cat insurance NZ so your kitty can avail of quality health care during testing times of health at affordable costs.

Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance, so your frisky feline has comprehensive health coverage, and unexpected health expenses need not be as financially stressful. In the meantime, read this article to learn why cats stretch often.

Reason 1: It feels incredible!

Feline fur babies love to stretch after a good nap because it will condition their bodies to become active after a brief period of inactivity. Stretching out after lying in the same posture can help relax those stiff muscles and restive joints.

While stretching allows the cat to move freely after curling up for a couple of hours in a place, it also improves blood circulation, helps resume alertness, and prepares the kitty for activity during the wakeful hours.

Reason 2: To be prepared for action

Kitties experience restricted motion after long periods of sleeping or doing nothing. Stretching can help loosen the tight muscles, keep the spine flexible, and keep joints limber. For instance, you might have noticed your furball extending its legs, arching its back, or lying in a high place with its tail or head hanging over the edge.

Stretching helps keep the body flexible and allows your munchkin to be ready to chase, jump, leap, hunt, and tackle prey. Plus, practicing flexibility permits your cat to groom itself in remote body areas like the belly and the back.

Reason 3: Detoxification

A lot of waste and toxins can accumulate in your furball’s body after a period of inactivity. Through stretching, your kitty cat works on resuming activity and flushing out body toxins. This behavior also enhances the circulation of lymph fluids and helps clean the body from the inside.

Reason 4: Showing affection

A kitty cat sure knows how to show love and affection through the art of stretching. Over time, you can easily understand your munchkin’s gestures and serve its needs appropriately. A kitty sleeping on its back and stretching and looking at you could be a sign of invitation to pet it. This belly expose gesture means your cat trusts you and cares for you.

Stretching is a usual cat behavior, but if your cat is showing signs of pain or discomfort along with flexing, there could be a problem. Meet your vet if you suspect any illness, and consider being prepared with cat insurance in NZ so your furry precious can get the medical care it deserves during unplanned vet visits and medical emergencies. The best pet insurance covers your furry pet for broader-ranging health conditions, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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