10 tech-driven small business ideas

Technophiles with all kinds of interests and abilities can find business opportunities in one of the fastest-growing and most-demanding industries in the entire world. No one is surprised that technology is the fastest growing and most in demand industry in the world. Technology is the engine of innovation, communication, and information. Its impact on productivity, success, and public and private sectors are immeasurable.

Cybersecurity services providers

Nearly 80% IT leaders who run the technology services for businesses feel they are not adequately protected against cybersecurity threats. Experts with the necessary training and specialized background are needed to protect organizations against malware, phishing, data breaches and email hacking. These threats threaten the business and the bottom line. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 31% increase in demand for this service by 2029.

IT Support

You can create a successful business if you use your technical expertise to help others with their technological needs, from setup to troubleshooting. In a world of connectivity, the ability to troubleshoot and protect the devices that people depend on is extremely valuable. You will need to have a high level of confidence and competence in areas such as data management, security, cloud services and backup recovery.

Domain name broker

For those who have excellent negotiation skills, and are resourceful and resilient, buying and selling domain names online can be profitable. There are currently over 363.5 millions domain names registered, the most common being the “.com”, with new extensions appearing all the time. The experts will be able to help those who are interested in buying domain names with those extensions. Through keyword research and identifying prospective domain owners, the best brokers can identify what is trending and valuable. They then broker deals at fair market prices with interested parties.

Tech supply dropshipper

Dropshipping can be a good option for people who are looking to get into e-commerce but don’t want to invest a lot of money or have overhead. Online tech retail is a broad category that offers something to everyone. In 2020, the online tech retail category will represent $156 billion or 22% of all e-commerce. Tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to upgrade their gadgets and accessories. You can create a site with a variety of products, from cool game controllers skins to button grips, Bluetooth speakers, to the latest phone case.

It is important to find suppliers who are specialized in the type of products you want to sell and have a solid reputation. Dropshipping is only as good at the standards of quality and delivery set by your suppliers. Do your research, and choose your partners wisely.

Designers who are driven to keep their work fresh, exciting and new in many different ways for multiple clients on digital platforms will love this career. You will be able to execute the clients’ vision with your ability to use and master leading design software, and also by having strong communication skills, critical thought and patience.

Electronics waste management and recycling expert certified

E-waste, such as discarded computers, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and other appliances and electronic devices, are toxic to landfills, and managing their disposal or recycling can be a good business opportunity for the environmentally-minded entrepreneur. In 2019, only 17% (or 53.6 million tonnes) of the world’s e-waste was recycled.

E-learning educator

E-learning has become a booming industry, with students homeschooled and adults who want to learn a new hobby or skill. By 2024, it’s expected to grow from $200 billion in 2019 to $375 billion. This field has grown rapidly due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but it is now being boosted by new technologies. As an educator-entrepreneur ready to enter the e-learning space, you can create your own curriculum and leverage the tools that man educational platforms offer. Some of these are synchronous, with live learning, and others are asynchronous, offering pre-recorded courses on demand. This can create a passive income over time.

Social media consultant

Social media is one of the best tools for marketing your business. With more than 300 million users just in the U.S., it’s a great way to reach out to new customers. Many companies do not have the necessary social media resources or skills to execute an effective social campaign.

Businesses seeking to establish a strong presence on social media can benefit from marketing professionals who have a keen eye for attention-grabbing images, an aptitude for app-aided graphics, and a clever sense of short-form copy that encourages engagement. Create spec-accounts to showcase your skills and abilities, and then share compelling statistics and facts that demonstrate the power of top performing platforms.

SEO Consultant

Professionals who can leverage content, keywords and backlinks to increase online traffic and conversions are of great value. SEO consultants who are able to unlock the secret to digital success for many companies can build a successful SEO consulting business. A specialized degree isn’t required, but you must have a background in information technology and marketing. You will also need a proven track record in optimizing websites to achieve high rankings on popular search engine and the ability to develop clear strategies to meet your client’s objectives.

3D Printing Service Provider

Engineers and designers can build their dreams in this field. It has huge potential for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest. A 3D printing production is only limited by your imagination. Eyeglass frames, toys, jewelry and vases are among the most popular 3D products. The 3D printing industry is also a significant part of the business market. It’s expected to reach $ billion by 2028.

A 3D printing business can be efficient because it uses less material and produces less waste. The plastic products are also lighter than those made by heavy manufacturing, so they could cost less to ship. This type of business may require little overhead, aside from a space at home, a computer running CAD software and a filament 3D printer. You can sell your designs on your website and have Shapeways manufacture the item at a percentage of your sale price if you do not want to purchase a printer.