11 Best Home Decor Ideas for Diwali in 2023

11 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Festival of Lights

Diwali is the season to commemorate the return of Lord Rama and celebrate his valor and victory by lighting, decorations presents, and most importantly love. Not just Lord Rama is present, but he’s being accompanied in silence by the goddess of wealth, Laxmi and the God of Wisdom Ganesha during his journey home.

The homes of people are decorated as an indication that the celebrations of the Gods are at full flower and they are eager to welcome new beginnings as well as leave past ills in the past.

This year, the lingering disease has shaken the globe and provided us with enough reasons to remain in our homes and drown in sadness and anxiety. Let’s use it as an excuse to make our world an ever-lasting treasure of health, love joy, celebrations, and wealth.

We’ll show you how to make the most of your free time at home to give your home a simple but stylish makeover that will draw attention this holiday season. It will also fill you with enormous happiness.

Designer Diya

DIYAS and Diwali! Do you have the bell? This year, try out some gota-filled diyas metal meenakari diyas decorative diyas and earthen diyas votive candles, tea candles that light up and more to add a spark on dull and boring tables, consoles and the corners of your home.

Eco-Friendly Plants

Ditch all the fumes, smoke, and cracked crackers during this Diwali Instead, you should grow more greens and breathe in fresh air. With personalized and attractive planters with greenery, your home will make it more fashionable for your home and interior decor. Put some carnations, candles and make a stunning Ringoli for all the Diwali feelings!

Cushions, Bedsheets

In terms of decorating your room, a small alteration to the bedsheet will speak volumes. There is no need to do an entire room remodel and transform. You can simply order some beautiful colorful bedsheets, set with matching cushions and you’re ready to go.

There are a variety of options. The cushions that glow in the dark are helpful diwali gift and ideal for sparkling Diwali decoration.


Rangoli is fun if you’ve got it correctly! This year, bring home the glamour and glitz of your rangoli favorites by using designs that stick on.

The best thing is that is that you can stick these Rangolis on different surfaces including floors, tables, and even decorate different places effortlessly. Cleaning is a breeze! Combine it with candles, diyas, or beautiful flowers.


Traditions will never go out of fashion. Keep it traditional with your decoration of your door. Bring your home a touch of class with the hanging ornaments. You can create your own by using old jewellery as well as art supplies and imagination or order extravagant ornaments from your own home. One thing is for certain: your guests will be awed by your house decoration.

Personalized Showpieces

This is the time to show off this Diwali! So why not opt for the most stunning pieces. You’ve always wanted to see the Instagram images of mansions that were lavish. This year, it’s the perfect chance to transform your average home into a million-dollar one.

Find the stylish coasters, adorable frames wall clocks, figurines, and dried fruit trays, especially those that are personalized. As they say home is where your soul is and your décor is worth the affection.

We said don’t only shop, but make some fantastic, easy things to change the appearance of your interiors. Check out these DIY ideas to make your home more inviting with a touch of fresh, hand-crafted interior design.

Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-For-Yourself!

Paper Bag Lights

Now is the time for you to place the papers you’ve accumulated from all your online shopping or orders throughout the lockdown into useful use. Cut holes, punch holes, make designs, put in a tea-light candle in the center and voila! You’ve got a gorgeous paper lantern. It’s incredibly simple to make, yet it looks amazing. Simple and cool to make this holiday season.

Mandala Wall Painting

Let your imagination rip through wall surfaces this Diwali. As a child, if you were fond of drawing drawings on walls now you’re able to recreate that experience now. Pick up some markers, sharpies and colors, then paint your walls. Mandala art is an ideal way to discover artistic compositions, and also give plain walls the look they need!

Puja Room Decor

Sometimes, we are left with no ideas or do not think of making the décor unique for the puja room. This year, try something unique and decorate your puja room with carnations flowers, ferns, and vibrant buntings.

Candles, plants, diyas ringsolis, kolams, and planters designs can be a wonderful addition to your sacred setting. While the altar is the center of worship within your home, it should also be the focal point of style and glitz.


Decoupage is an old-fashioned method to give a fresh look to objects that are old. Put the decoupage-style paper on the object, then apply an equal amount of water and glue, and voila!

You’ve given a totally new appearance to the aged, rusty object. Makeover your mason jars and storage containers, as well as old glass containers, coasters and even furniture!

Pot Pourri

When it comes to home decor One often tends to overlook scents. Bring the holiday spirit to life with the scent of a festive, vibrant holiday. Potpourri is an excellent method to blend scents to create a ambiance of captivating beauty.

Place the rose petals or lavender, spice including cinnamon and additional herbs and spices in a container to give an extremely relaxing aroma that makes you feel the upcoming celebrations in the distance.

It is a must the opportunity to experiment with these awesome DIYs and to purchase some amazing flower arrangements to decorate the home during Diwali. Here’s additional ideas to inspire you. Check out our blog post regarding Easy Ways Decorate To Diyas at Home, and you’ll discover more ways to spice the spirit of the Diwali celebrations.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to just decorate your home, enjoy with all your friends and family members and make this whole process of Diwali preparations an event for itself!