5 factors that can increase lip balm packaging longevity easily

According to reports, the lip balm business, in particular, is profitable. Whey? Well, lip balm is one of the most widely used cosmetic products. From everyday home looks to professional makeup glow-ups, lip balm is everywhere. Its users take them everywhere so one can judge their popularity. Lip balm packaging plays a role in branding.

In a dense market, you can surprisingly make a pretty solid profit. This is because the popularity of lip balms is nowhere near degrading. Just great packaging and your lip balm business will boom soon.

Here is your guide to excel as a lip balm manufacturer with the power of lip balm packaging. Let’s talk about why the industry is only gaining momentum

The global cosmetic industry is massive. The average market value of the global cosmetic industry is hitting the point of 500 billion USD at the moment. This shows the massive potential this market holds.

Within the hundreds of cosmetic products available worldwide, everyone uses some products, in particular. Lip balm is one of them.

Glow in your Lip Balm Business with Mind-Blowing Lip Balm Packaging

Digital marketing campaigns will cost you a great deal of your money. But packaging is not like that. With half of the price you can stand out with your box and enhance your lip balm business.

Some Tips are here.

Promoting the idea of durability

Durability in the packaging is essential no matter what type of products one is dealing with. From retail of massive industrial equipment to everyday use of cosmetic products, the lip balm boxes must be durable. It is the first line of defense for most of the products.

Now, several factors determine whether or not the packaging of a product is up to the durability standard. The very first one is the overall box shape of the packaging. Specific shapes are naturally durable and resistant to damage.

For example, the majority of the retail cardboard boxes come in either square or rectangle shapes. This is because the fact that the closed figure of a square or a rectangle offers excellent protection against sudden damage and pressure.

On the other hand, if we look at shapes like circles or irregular polygons. Durability is something you have to severely compromise on custom lip balm boxes.

Also, ensure that the packaging you are going with has enough space to withhold the lip balm inside safely. No one wants to get a box with a lot of space left within that could be used to hold extra balm.

Lip balm packaging and the psychology of colors

Color psychology was always treated like a myth in the retail world. Experts have been conducting thorough research on this particular notion for the last few decades. Specific colors can activate specific cognitive responses in people.

Now, this approach is something that is now widely targeted by retail companies around the globe for makeup boxes. The packaging usually contains specific colors that promote specific sensations.

As a result, when a consumer looks at the packaging of a particular product, he/she automatically gets specific brain responses. This is what targeting the cognitive skills of consumers looks like.

Two-color classes are generally used to implement such an effect. The first one is the soft colors. According to experts, we know these colors for replicating sensations like calmness, friendliness, and a sense of association.

On the other hand, the second class of colors used for cognitive targeting is intense colors. In the cosmetic industry particularly, these colors are the most dominating ones. This is because of their ability to promote ideas of quality, confidence, and robust appearance for the brand.

Preservation Friendly packaging

What we put in this world gets back to us one way or the other. This is a popular saying that is often used to promote the concept of doing good. But you may get a surprised to know that they used the same saying in the retail world these days with makeup boxes.

We are talking about the whole go green initiative. An initiative is urging manufacturers and retailers to introduce sustainable pathways in their businesses. This is an approach to lower the industry-carbon imprint up to a great extent. So far, the results of this approach are astonishing.

The cosmetic industry is one of the most prominent global industries, leading the whole sustainable packaging approach. You need to comply with certain regulations just to get your products out there. This approach has got some pretty amazing impacts on the global ecosystem in the long run.

As a lip-balm manufacturer, it is one of your duties to go with sustainable custom boxes options as a priority. There are special materials available in the market today that are super eco-friendly and durable at the same time. Getting into sustainable packaging also gives you an environmental edge over your competitors.

Budget-friendly approach

As a start-up, the budget will be one of your greatest challenges for custom packaging. This doesn’t mean that large-scale corporations don’t face such an issue. They do face similar budget-related problems, but the experience they have got is something that helps them to get out of any financial downfall pretty easily.

As a cosmetic start-up, this level of experience is something you don’t have at the moment. That’s why saving as much money as you can on the packaging portion is a great option. Plus, you can get a lot of sustainable options within a budget-friendly approach. Also, custom printed boxes are a nice approach.


Last but not least, building a brand with your cosmetic packaging. Just imagine a consumer walking in the lip-balm section of a store. In front of them, there are shelves of lip balms available to choose from. Now, this is the point where you want them to choose your lip balm over your competitors.

But this is not possible until you have solid brand-oriented packaging. Everyone loves to buy products that are associated with some brand. It has now become a part of human psychology that buying branded products means quality products. You can put your lip balm collection on the front shelf with the right strategy.

The world changed with the rise of the internet. Today, the packaging trends we are watching are different from those popular a decade ago. This shows the importance of customized lip balm packagingin making your lip balm business boom overnight.