6 Clarifications On Custom Box, Why It Is Necessary?

The first thing when your product is placed on the retail shelf is its custom box. Even if the item is delivered to his doorstep, the packaging is the primary thing that creates an impression. The retail market is becoming highly competitive with hundreds of similar-looking products. A customer always picks up the most attractive one in such a situation. According to the latest research, the purchase decision is based entirely on the outlook of a product packaging. If the custom boxes look aesthetically appealing, the customers go for a purchase. Fortunately, coming up with quality packaging isn’t rocket science. Nor does it breaks the bank. Here are 6 critical clarifications that will help you in understanding the necessity of custom boxes

Sturdy Enough To Protect A Variety Of Goods 

Product protection is the most important thing you would like to have in your custom packaging. No matter how attractive your box is, if it cannot deliver your products safely, all of your efforts go useless. Cardboard is a highly sturdy and durable choice. Whether you want to pack a retail commodity, send a shipment, subscription, or even a gift package, the material is strong enough to provide the utmost protection to your products. There are several ways to check the box strength:

  • Corrugated boxes come in different thicknesses. Depending on your need, you can choose a single, double, or even triple-wall board. 
  • Pay attention to how to pack your items. If there is a lot of extra space, your products might crush easily. Therefore pick up the box that fits well. 
  • Think about the condition of how you will store your boxes. Dampness and dryness may impact the life of your packaging.
  • You may also go for a drop test or other simple testing methods to get an idea that its faces, edges, and corners can bear potential abuse during shipment.

1: A Pleasing Design Inspires Everyone

We have discussed that custom boxes work well from the practical side, but your packaging should look visually appealing to generate maximum sales. When the customers see a product packed in a vibrant, colorful box, it urges them to purchase it. Therefore, presentation counts the most, especially when appealing to the customers. Creating an eye-catchy design is the key to success if you want to make an everlasting impression on your customers through packaging. Not necessarily. You have to be loud in colors. Going for a minimalist design is another effective way to create adorable packaging. Let us have a look at some of the essential elements necessary to design a quality box:

  • Color: A suitable choice of colors is the easiest way to invoke a mood. It’s your choice to go bold with bright, vibrant colors or use natural, muted tones to get a more sophisticated look. It all depends upon the nature of your product and the way you want to represent your brand. 
  • Eye-catching artwork: You do not need to bombard your wholesale boxes with excessive patterns, but creating an artistic flair can add a little zing to your packaging. It can be even a simple pattern or any enticing artwork that helps in gathering customers’ attention instantly. 
  • Box Shape: Most of the time, your packaging box is rectangular, but experimenting with something different can make your brand outshine the shelves. We might alter the shape of your box to accommodate your product better or make a style statement.  

2: A Custom Box Promotes Your Brand

Remember, your packaging is a great tool to build your brand. It may be bold, expressive, minimalistic, or revolve around your logo or a particular brand color or theme. The special and unique designs make people talk more about you. Luckily they will also share the pictures of your product and their packages on social media, generating positive word of mouth. 

2: Inside Packaging Is A Necessary Afterthought

Along with the product, you are also selling an experience. So your creativity should not be limited to the box’s exterior; rather, the way you display your products is equally important. Present your goods adorably to create a cohesive look. You may use internal packaging material like tissue wrap, inserts, packing peanuts, or cardboard cut-outs to stylize your display. Add a printed thank you note or any other interactive material to add a personal touch. Such packaging creates a more finished look and pumps up your brand’s value. Throwing a few extra coupons will take your brand a long way. 

4: Custom Boxes Are Not Wasteful

People are making an effort to buy from eco-friendly brands. According to a recent Nielsen survey, more than 55% of the respondents are willing to pay more if the product is packed sustainably. The use of cardboard wholesale boxes is making a good contribution in is regarded. They are made from eco-friendly kraft or cardboard known for their exceptional properties. You do not need to worry that a simple, earthy look will create a boring feel. These boxes can undergo interesting customizations to create a fantastic display sidewise, protecting the planet. 

5: A Right Size Box Can Do Wonders

Not every company sells same-sized products. A variety of businesses have an extensive product range varying in shape and size. One size fits all approach works no longer now. Therefore, you have to design a custom box for every product depending upon its need. It would be hard to believe that a right-sized packaging can do wonders for your business. It leads to decreasing your cost and maximizing your profitability. A custom box will protect your items and save you from excessive use of raw material. It reduces your shipping charges as you can transit more boxes on the same freight carrier. Plus, it provides a fantastic display as the customer opens the box.