6 Easy-To-Do Hatha Yoga Poses for Yoga Beginners

Hatha Yoga Poses – Want to learn yoga and adopt this holistic lifestyle? You came to the right place. But you should know that yoga is not only about asanas. It goes deeper than holding certain body postures and practicing specific body movements. Yoga is a lifestyle in itself. It is a life-changing experience.

Yoga experts recommend that you practice Hatha yoga poses and style as a beginner. This yoga style contains yoga poses for beginner and advanced yoga practitioners. But, first it is important to understand the basics of this yoga style.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha is a Sanskrit word that means “forcibly”. It uses many bodily postures that help you gain control of the physical self in relation to the mind. Hatha yoga style includes a host of breathing and cleansing techniques. The Yoga Mudras and Bandhas are a major component of Hatha yoga.

But how did Hatha yoga came into being? Hatha yoga came into being when yogis realized they can not control their psychic and mental aspects until they control the physical one. Join a certified 200 YTT to learn and practice this yoga style from experienced yoga teachers.

Many yoga practitioners ask –

What Makes Hatha Yoga Special?

Want to know what makes Hatha yoga so popular in the yoga community? It is Hatha yoga’s ability to calm your mind and develop physical strength at the same time. Hatha yoga focuses on static body posture and flow between every asana at a slow pace.

The slow body movement while holding static yoga postures helps contract the muscles to increase strength. Daily practice of Hatha yoga improves your flexibility and level of awareness.

Another question that many Hatha yoga practitioners ask is –

What Does A Typical Hatha Yoga poses Class Look Like?

In today’s date, you practice Hatha yoga poses in a more gentle form in comparison to the classical Hatha yoga session. This is what makes Hatha yoga the best yoga style for beginners to yoga practice.

A typical Hatha yoga class lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. The class starts with a relaxing asana. Slowly the teacher builds up the pace with strength-building asanas.

You practice every Hatha yoga pose for 4 to 5 deep breaths. There is an interval of 60 seconds between every pose. The session ends with Shavasana for 5 to 10 minutes for complete relaxation. The YTT can help you learn more about this deep yoga style.

Do you know which Hatha yoga asanas are best suited for beginners? Read further to know the answer.

Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

Given below are 6 Hatha yoga asanas you can practice as a beginner.

Child’s Pose

The Sanskrit name for Child’s pose is Balasana. It is a great Hatha yoga asana for you to practice as a beginner. The Child’s pose relaxes your entire body and does not require much flexibility from your end. If you want to give the entire body a gentle stretch then do this yoga pose.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose

One of the foundational Hatha yoga poses is Downward-Facing Dog pose. This yoga asana stretches your upper body. It brings your upper body into an inversion just like when a dog stretches itself. Join the 200 YTT to learn this yoga asana from experienced yoga teachers.

Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose is a body warm-up practice that includes a gentle body stretching sequence. It stretches your muscles by fusing the forward bend and back arch. Your body mimics a cat and cow. The Sanskrit name for this Hatha yoga pose is Bitilasana Marjaryasana.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Do you know the Sanskrit name of this yoga pose? It is Uttanasana. The Standing Forward Bend pose is the perfect beginner-level Hatha yoga asana. It involves inversion of your upper body. You should join a certified YTT to learn this yoga pose under the supervision of yoga experts.

Mountain Pose

The Mountain ose is also known as Tadasana in the Sanskrit language. It is a basic standing yoga asana that is also the foundational pose of every Hatha yoga asana.

Tree Pose

The Tree pose improves your ability to balance the body just like a tree. It is one of the easiest Hatha yoga asanas for you as a beginner. Join the 200 YTT to learn everything about this yoga style.


Hatha yoga poses is a gentle yoga style that is perfect for everyone new to yoga practice. Joining a certified 200 YTT gives you the chance to learn this yoga style from experienced yoga teachers.