7 Best Subway Sandwich Tips

In this article, we will tell you how to get an excellent and nutritious meal in the Subway store. We’ll also provide obscure facts about your preferred restaurant for lunch! So, you can impress your guests by your vast Subway knowledge the next when you’re waiting for your sandwich to be good and toasty. In the meantime, while we’re capturing your attention, make sure you check out our special report on 25 super-healthy lunches that are less than 400 calories. They’re the ideal solution to those days where you have more time to prepare your meals.

Top 7 Craziest Cheeses Eaten Around the World

Celebs Work There

In his previous life the actor Jason Biggs (American Pie) was an Subway Sandwich Artist. There’s no reason to think that the woman who will always fix you an Italian B.M.T. will not follow in his footsteps? Do you need to sign her name as soon as you have time.

You Can Get Your Sandwich With Fewer Carbs

If you’re looking to eliminate carbs from your diet salads aren’t the only option. “Another hack to cut the calories and carbs from any sandwich is to ask to have bread ‘scooped’ out,” Kovachi suggests. This request is a special one that will provide you a sandwich that has less fluffy, soft bread beneath the crust.

They Don’t Drug Their Chickens

Even though the Center for Disease Control says “antibiotics should be used in food-producing animals only under veterinary oversight,” antibiotics are commonly used to help animals to grow quicker. What’s the reason? Constant use of these medicines aids in the creation of bacteria that are immune to the standard antibiotics. The result could be that the next time you’re really sick, there might be no medication that will make you healthier.

Some restaurants, such as Subway have committed to sourcing healthier meat. Subway currently serves chickens that are not treated with antibiotics, and is aiming to exclusively serve turkey that has been that are not fed antibiotics until 2019. The company also plans to serve products made from beef and pork animals that have not been treated with antibiotics before 2025. To determine if other restaurants you love are contaminating their meat, make sure to read our study The Fast Food Chains of the World – Ranked by Antibiotics.

They Bake Their Own Cookies

While some chains sell sweets packaged in bags, Subway bakes their cookies freshly every day in each of their restaurants. Even though they’re fresh and devoid of preservatives and artificial colors but that doesn’t change what a cookie is a cookie. That means they’re still calorie dense. The most nutritious option for your weight is to go for the oatmeal raisins with 20 grams of calories, and 16 grams sugar. Chocolate chip is next top choice with 17 grams of sugary substance. While they might be more delicious than other brands, they are still extra calories that your body doesn’t require. If you’re looking to indulge, consider having a drink with a companion. To find healthier ways to satisfy your cravings for sugar take a look at these 25 ways to satisfy the Sweet Tooth.

Courtesy of Subway

If the food served at Subway is nutritious enough to be recommended by nutritionists, be at ease knowing that if you select the right food you will be able to enjoy food at the chain without getting off the path of your health. “I visit Subway once a week with my oldest son on his way home from a long day of after-school activities,” says Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN. “We grab a sandwich for dinner, and I love the healthier choices they have introduced in the past few years. My go-to at Subway is a bowl of the black bean soup and the veggie delight salad with added fresh avocado. Loaded with fiber, this meal is vegetarian, filling, flavorful, heart-healthy, void of all refined flour and full of antioxidants.” Jim White, Owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios is another expert on health who is a frequent customer at Subway’s sandwich shop. “I have lunch at Subway at least once per every week… I prefer to ] get a 6 inch whole-wheat sandwich that includes roast chicken, lettuce, onion, tomato and green peppers as well as cucumbers. My condiment is I like Dijon mustard over mayo since it’s low in calories yet still packs a lot of flavor.

They Have Your Health In Mind

Sugar added to your diet is a big issue nowadays. This is because we are aware that eating a lot of this sweet stuff is linked to everything from heart disease to blood pressure issues to sagging skin and weight gain. The good news is that many Subway sandwiches have less than 10 percent sugar-based calories and salads are even lower. Say goodbye to added sugars, and goodbye to your belly, purchase an e-book of Zero Sugar Diet today!

They Feed The Hungry

Every year, on National Sandwich Day, Subway donates food to the organization that helps people in need, Feeding America. In November of this year Subway donated over 1 million food items!