Chrisean Rock Tattoos

Chrisean Rock is an acclaimed singer and social media influencer with over 669k followers on Instagram.

She hails from a large family, being one of 12 siblings; most of her childhood years were spent without their father due to his imprisonment.

Despite her struggles, she still managed to love both parents and was supported by her siblings.

She is a model

Chrisean Rock Net Worth hails from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. Born March 14th 2000 she currently stands 22 years old (as of 2022).

Chrisean is well known for the amazing content she posts to her YouTube channel and Instagram, where she regularly showcases swimsuit modeling photos as well as lifestyle content.

She also boasts a substantial following on TikTok, where she often posts lip-sync videos and promotes brands such as swimwear and streetwear.

She has amassed thousands of followers on both Instagram and YouTube, as well as being an official brand ambassador for Ethika and Fashion Nova. As one of the most-followed social media personalities on both platforms, she earns significant income through modeling jobs as well as Instagram influencer positions.

She is a singer

Chrisean Rock is an American singer-actress-fashionista best known for her hit singles Word to My Brother, Lonely and Rainy Days.

She enjoys widespread acclaim across social media platforms, and maintains her own YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and music videos.

She makes over $500K per year through modeling and endorsement deals as well.

Born on March 14th 2000 in Baltimore Maryland USA. She has 11 siblings; with both parents being servicemen. Her mother remains at home and serves as stay-at-home parent while father serves in the military.

She is a social media star

Chrisean Rock is an American model, singer and social media influencer with an enormous following on her various platforms – best-known for her modeling photos and lifestyle vlogs.

She is also an accomplished musician, having collaborated with various record labels. Her primary source of income comes from singing and songwriting.

At an estimated net worth of between $1-2 Million, she makes her money through music royalties, paid ads on YouTube and concerts.

She gained fame through her participation in a game show known as Ultimate Tag and won an impressive $10,000 prize on this game show.

She is a fashionista

Chrisean Rock is an enthusiastic fashionista who enjoys exploring various styles of clothing. She takes photos of each ensemble she wears and shares it with her fans on social media.

She is also a fashion blogger and social media influencer, with over 425k followers on Instagram. Since 2012, she has been blogging at her website about various topics including fashion, parenting and travel.

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She has a lot of tattoos

Chrisean Rock sports an extensive collection of tattoos on her body. These include Kanji symbols on her arm and Taurus symbols adorning various areas.

She also bears a Basquiat crown tattooed onto her shoulder that represents his love for art and design. This piece holds great meaning to both herself and her father.

Tattooing herself is nothing new for her; she already had several others including one dedicated to Blueface on her neck.

Her relationship with Blueface remains somewhat volatile; however, she is unwilling to abandon him just yet.