King Von – A Chicago Rap Legend

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, was one of Chicago’s most talented and promising MCs. He became known for telling stories not often heard in mainstream rap.

His Gold-certified breakout hit, “Crazy Story”, demonstrated exactly what distinguished him from other creators – his keen observational eye, narrative control and ability to deploy twists with timing and suspense.


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Drill Music

Drill music emerged on Chicago’s South Side and quickly spread worldwide, taking off quickly due to its relaxed tempo and minimal production allowing its lyrics to take center stage.

Artists also utilize violence-themed songs as an outlet to explore its darker sides through lyrics – as can be seen in King Von’s “Crazy Story,” which details an attempted robbery gone awry. But this approach to violence does not come without risks.

Recently, several drill rappers including Pop Smoke and King Von have died due to violent incidents; this has caused much debate, leading many DJs to avoid playing drill music altogether.

Drill music first emerged on the South Side of Chicago amidst gun violence. Over time, its violent lyrics became the go-to choice for artists looking to express their anger more directly.

Lil Durk

Lil Durk and King Von were two Chicago-based rappers who shared similar journeys as children before going on to become successful rappers. Growing up together in Englewood on Chicago’s South Side was not always easy for either individual, yet both shared similar aspirations for success as rappers.

Their rises were similar, yet each struggled with significant obstacles before reaching their full potential. Both had links to criminality and both persevered through it all without abandoning music as their passion.

Durk was an established figure in Chicago rap culture for years and one of Def Jam Recordings’ most promising artists, becoming part of their roster until leaving in 2018. Since then he has released multiple successful projects such as his Billboard 200 debut “Remember My Name.” Additionally he earned two nominations: one each for Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song (“Laugh Now, Cry Later” with Drake).

The Future

On November 6, King Von, an up-and-coming Chicago rapper known for his presence within Chicago’s drill scene, was fatally shot at a hookah lounge in Atlanta just one week after the release of his most ambitious album Welcome to O’Block.

Von, also known as Dayvon Bennett, helped foster the revival of Chicago drill music through his honest storytelling and emotionally raw vocals. He was part of an exclusive group of artists whose music provided soundtrack to some of Chicago’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

He was also one of those rare artists who was unashamedly themselves, never trying to be anything other than himself. His raps always revealed all aspects of his emotions – which made them all the more compelling.

King von Autopsy, So his death has come as a shock to Chicago hip hop communities and beyond, while it remains unclear who caused this unthinkable tragedy. One thing is certain – he was an influential force to reckon with.