Cudatext – A Review of a Cross-Platform Text Editor

Cudatext is a cross-platform text editor designed for both developers and non-developers alike, featuring several features and tools designed specifically for programmers. Cudatext Crack Activation Key [2023] Free Download is a free and open-source text editor.

The main advantage is free use; however, some drawbacks exist as well.

Syntax highlighting

Cudatext offers syntax highlighting for many languages, making code easier to read. Over 180 lexers are supported and it also features a plugin interface to add custom lexers.

Cudatext supports tabs to store program contents when opening again – making it an invaluable editor for programmers.

Notepad offers some features many would like to see added, such as menu access to the Char Map which only a select few editors offer.

Folding code

Code folding is a graphical user interface (GUI) feature that enables viewers to only see those blocks of text that currently interest them. This feature can be used to outline top-level structures like functions and classes or nested block structures like control-flow blocks.

Programmers need a way to manage large volumes of code efficiently, while keeping focused on what matters for their project at hand. Hide boilerplate fields that may contain no real information.

Code folding is a feature found in many text editors and source code editors, including some IDEs. It can be accomplished using syntax-dependent folding points, levels of indentation or user-specified markings using in-band markers or out-of-band tokens.

Code tree

Cudatext is an elegant cross-platform free text editor with many features beloved by coders. It supports syntax highlighting for an array of languages including C, C++, JavaScript, HTML CSS Python and XML coding syntaxes.

It features multiple snippet modules, project management functionality and a binary files view mode; additionally, there is an extensive range of plugins to extend its capabilities further.

Its syntax parser is feature-packed and built on EControl engine (though slower than some competitors). Appreciations is due for multi-carats, code folding and multiple selections as well as regular expressions for find/replace operations and regular expression support for find/replace operations. JSON configuration files support lexer-specific settings.

Tree view file management

Cudatext is a code-oriented text editor equipped with many useful features, such as a code tree viewer and snippet module, project management functionality, and versatile binary file viewing modes.

This program provides syntax highlighting for over 200 programming languages with over 200 lexers, plus it features a duplicate line finder/remover function.

Cudatext also boasts an intuitive tree view file management function, enabling users to instantly open recently opened files. This feature can be especially beneficial to newcomers or those editing existing documents; bookmarking lines is also possible when opening multiple instances of one file at the same time.

Duplicate line finder and remover

Cudatext stands out among modern operating systems as it can be installed easily and used freely – perfect for both novice and expert programmers alike. As a free download and code editor, Cudatext boasts features including syntax highlighting for over 200 programming languages, tree view file management capabilities, as well as many useful tools and widgets like the duplicate line finder and remover; simply click its icon for easy navigation through this gizmo; however for advanced programmers there are more advanced features worth keeping an eye out for – more seasoned programmers should pay particular attention for.


Auto-completion is a feature that assists with typing faster by providing suggestions for words, lines, and snippets that speed up typing speed. It’s an invaluable way of increasing productivity as it allows users to complete documents faster without repeated keystrokes.

Cudatext currently features over 180 lexers for different programming languages such as Python, C++, Java and Ruby. In addition to supporting multiple snippet projects in split views and offering powerful plugins.

Cudatext offers numerous features, such as intelligent auto-completion for HTML tags. Additionally, the program can locate and place tab-stops for snippet texts so you can quickly jump to the next line. Finally, Cudatext also records macros that can be saved and replayed later.


Cudatext is a cross-platform native GUI text and source code editor. It replaced its predecessor SynWrite, which has since been discontinued, written in Object Pascal using Lazarus IDE to build native versions for each platform. As of July 2018 Cudatext offers parallel scrolling through two text files with synchronised lines as well as various plugins providing features like syntax highlighting or code “snippets” for various languages.

Cudatext documentation can be found online and includes instructions for using the program as well as add-ons and plugins. Available in English, Russian and German for easy reading by non-technical individuals alike.