Star Swim Schools: About Us, Summer Camps & School Programs

Star Swim Schools provides quality learn-to-swim sessions focused on safety and water skills development with the aim of producing real results.

They offer a free trial session so you can determine whether they are the ideal place for both you and your child to learn. With friendly, professional instructors on staff, you can be assured of receiving an unparalleled learning experience.

About Us

Swim school Cranbourne stands as an outstanding example of an all-encompassing swim school that strives to offer an enjoyable and safe learning environment for swimmers of all ages to develop the necessary skills in order to excel at their chosen sport. As a franchise based out of the Sydney metro area, Stars Swim Schools provides aquatic programs for both children and adults that aim to advance their aquatic knowledge to take their swimming to new levels.

As NSW’s inaugural swim school to receive the STA Swim Star award for our dedication and commitment to offering an outstanding customer experience, our team of highly skilled professionals strive to offer top quality lessons and water safety education programs to the community.

As part of our celebration of achievements, we’ve designed the STA Swim Star trophy. This elegant yet well-constructed teeter totter showcases only the highest standards and qualities in health and safety, teaching methods, business procedures and business practices – it would make an excellent addition to any swim school!

Becoming a Swim Star should be top of mind for any business owner looking to start up or expand an existing venture, or expand their current portfolio. Our STA Swim Star program provides support, guidance, and accreditation – an all-in-one solution.

Summer Camps

Miami-Dade County Parks’ summer camps are designed to keep children active and engaged while providing a fun, safe environment. From June 13 through August 12, we offer camps at different parks throughout Miami-Dade County; registration can be done either online at Park Link or in person at one of these participating parks.

Learn-to-Swim programs designed for children ages 6 months through 3 years are designed to get children comfortable in the water and develop basic swim skills. Students are divided up based on age and skill level to ensure success.

Parent/Infant – Children six months through three years old are introduced to the pool with an adult and learn the fundamentals of water adjustment, swimming and safety skills. The instructor to student ratio is 1:10.

Tiny Tots – Toddlers aged 3-5 are enrolled in this program to learn the fundamentals of beginning swimming and aquatic skills. Classes are organized based on skill and experience to accommodate all swimmers.

Specialized Camps – Stars is our speciality program for pre-teen campers, designed to build confidence and explore opportunities safely, enjoyable, and comfortably. Each week offers over 40 camp activities specifically tailored to each camper’s individual needs.

Camp is full of challenging experiences that help campers develop confidence, independence and teamwork skills while making friends and discovering talents they might never have discovered otherwise.

Sports Trio – After learning the fundamentals of swimming, your child will be introduced to various sports such as baseball and basketball and develop skills needed for competition in these popular games. This camp provides an excellent introduction while simultaneously teaching teamwork, discipline and respect – three essential qualities essential for future success!

Olympic Swim Camp – After attending both of the prior swim camps, this Olympic Swim camp is designed to prepare your child for Olympic competition in swimming. This camp focuses on helping your child hone specific strokes and techniques necessary for Olympic competition, and will teach them how to prepare for pool tests.

Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion (TRI) Camps – These camps are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities and teach lifesaving water survival skills. Instructors certified in Therapeutic Recreation will work alongside your child in an encouraging and encouraging atmosphere in order to help them meet their goals and reach their targets. Each class follows a six-level progression to ensure your child develops fundamentals of water survival while giving them positive pool experiences.

After School Programs

After school programs provide children with a safe place to develop new skills while having fun with friends. From sports like basketball, flag football and soccer to creative activities such as cooking, ceramics or even Kodu Arcade classes coding classes these after-school programs will keep your children busy all day long!

British Swim Schools is part of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation, whose aim is to safeguard every life from drowning through education and increased awareness. They offer 9 different skill levels ranging from Starfish Swim School to Silver Star Swim School that help children learn to swim confidently and independently in water environments.

Their swimming instructors are well-trained professionals with extensive experience working with infants, toddlers, beginner swimmers and advanced swimmers.

Their pool offers a large, spacious facility with a friendly family environment for your child to learn in. Classes for ages 6 months through adult are also provided here and offer an introduction to swim safety and techniques.

Classes are small, with each lesson focused on a single skill at a time to ensure your child can master it quickly. On their first class, your child will undergo an evaluation by their swim instructor to ascertain their swimming ability level before being placed into an appropriate group lesson group lesson that best meets their needs.

In addition to swimming lessons, the Y provides various after school programs across the city that will keep your child engaged and motivated in school all year. From tutoring and homework help to arts and science enrichment sessions – your child will find all kinds of programs here that are sure to keep him or her on track in school!

MakerSpace’s State Island after-school program offers hands-on learning experiences in electronics, ceramics, construction and other creative areas such as electronics through creative projects. Under the supervision of an experienced team leader and using an educationally focused curriculum which integrates STEM subjects alongside literacy exercises for maximum fun!

Contact Us

Star Swim Schools provides an assortment of swim school Clyde for infants and toddlers up through classes for older kids. In addition, they provide free trial lessons so you can see for yourself whether their program fits with your family.

If you want to give your kids’ swimming skills an upgrade, visit one of Clyde’s many locations. Their staff are friendly and professional with the skillset needed for a smooth experience. They are proud members of the Swimming Teachers Association (STA), and enjoy an esteemed reputation. Additionally, the Swim Star program was developed as a means of rewarding excellence within our industry and recognize and promote its finest practitioners. Accolades go out to an elite group of independent swim schools that have made the most of their STA affiliation, not only by featuring their logo on their websites but also by showing the iconic sigil on swim days! Being noticed can be challenging in such an aggressively competitive environment – make your star shine bright on big days!