Fix Muscle Imbalance With These Yoga Exercises

The ancient art of yoga is an effective tool to enjoy good health. Whether you suffer from a headache or depression there is a yoga technique to handle both. Daily practice of yoga also helps you develop muscular strength and flexibility.

Do you know that yoga can also help with muscle imbalance? Yoga experts have come up with the complete guide to help you understand that.

But, first let us understand a bit about muscle imbalance.

Is It Normal to Experience Muscle Imbalance?

Do you feel that one side of your body is overworked and tight while the other is weak? The muscles in your body control and create movement when one part of the body is overworked. The other part is tired and this causes muscle imbalance.

It is normal to experience imbalance in your body. But it is more important for you find balance with yoga. Without proper care muscle imbalance can lead to injury, pain, and fatigue. The more you become aware of your body, the easier it becomes to know where the imbalance is. You can also sign up for the RYS academy to understand how yoga helps correct muscle imbalance.

Let us now take a look at the causes of muscle imbalance.

Reasons for Muscle Imbalance

There are many reasons for muscle imbalance. These range from muscular overexertion to specific habits you develop over time. It can be a bit challenging for your body to remain completely balanced at all times.

But you should know what causes this problem in the first place to avoid it.

That said, given below are 4 major causes of muscle imbalance.

  1. Holding With Dominant Hand

In this day and age everyone is constantly browsing on their phones. You spend a good amount of time every day texting and looking down on this digital screen. Depending on the hand you hold the phone you might notice that your shoulders or neck become tight.

2 .How You Sleep

Are you a right side or belly sleeper? Remaining in one position for a few hours during sleep can lead to muscle imbalance in your body. If you sleep on your belly try turning your head towards the left instead of the right side. Similarly, if you sleep on your left side and shoulder then try sleeping on the opposite side. Sign up for a Yoga Alliance certification to learn the best yoga exercises for treating muscle imbalance.

  1. Poor Body Posture

If you slouch or round your back too much then find a neutral position. Keep your back elongated straight, broad collar, and relax the shoulders. It takes a while to train your body but good posture goes a long wau in helping you find muscular balance.

  1. Standing Unevenly

Do you tend to rest all weight on one side while standing? At times you might even lean to one side more to lock your knee. Both of these can lead to muscle imbalance. Yoga experts recommend you find a neutral standing position. Do this by keeping both knees slightly bent.

To help you prevent a muscle imbalance yoga experts have come up with a list of some yoga poses.

How Does Yoga Fix Muscle Imbalance?

There are a multitude of ways you can work to improve muscle imbalance in the body. The ancient art of yoga is a great way to train your body to develop muscular strength.

Once you become aware of where the imbalance resides, yoga can help you feel the imbalance during practice. This awareness helps to strengthen and open the parts of the body experiencing this discomfort.

Daily practice of yoga with proper alignment makes you aware of different areas, especially those that are tight or overworked. It also helps you feel the areas that are too weak to strengthen them.

Want to get your body free of muscle imbalance? You should join a certified yoga school to learn the best yoga exercises for the same.


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