Strategies To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

In the end winning in competitions is mostly due to luck. There are many methods to boost the odds of winning, however. In the last 8 years, I’ve learned how to boost odds in my favor in the extent that is practical. The logic says that the more contests you take part in and win, the more likely you are to succeed. But it’s actually not as simple as this. I’ve listed the top 10 tricks for you below to help you increase your odds of winning as well.

Priorities your time – set goals

I might be totally obsessed with competing however, I can promise you that I have a clear objective in my mind. Travel. I am a huge fan of traveling together with family members, whether to enjoy a relaxing extended holiday or a single day theme park excursion My main objective is to travel with my family. It’s closely followed by toys.

Naturally, I’ll take part in any other competitions that I see that intrigue me. However, I tend to focus my time in my top categories. I suggest to focus the majority of your time in your top categories to increase chances of winning what you’d like to win. The majority of competition websites have very useful categories filters that aid you in finding the prizes you’d like to get the best. You can sort them easily by these categories and then enter the competitions in the first place.

What’s your reason for doing this?

The world of competition is enjoyable, but it can be quite difficult if you expect too much of it. The most important piece of advice I can offer you is to view winnings as a bonus not as a outcome. If you’re expecting excessively, then it’s possible that you’ll become demoralized. I’ve found that if you’re driven to succeed, you’re more likely to persevere.

As I write on my personal page about me My motivation is to provide a better life for my family members that disabled people have taken away from me. Naturally, my reason does not have to be as in-depth, but for example the celebration of a family birthday can be a great motivator. The desire to win something wonderful to them is often the main reason when you’re ready to give up. Particularly if you are unable to have the money to buy such a present.

First, enter closing soon competitions.

Every day I compete with five primary websites for listing competitions, which I will discuss here. The first step is to go through each website by using an expiration date filter. This will ensure that I don’t lose out on anything that is closing on that particular day. Then, I’ll move on to newer competitions within my preferred categories when I’m in the mood. If I’m not able to do it following the steps above to ensure that I do not miss out on these opportunities.

Do not waste your time

It may seem as if it’s a simple idea however, please don’t spend your time participating in contests you don’t want to be a part of. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and participate in every contest you come across. it’s happened to me. It’s not fair to other contestants who really desire to win, however it lowers your chances of winning the prizes you wish to win. If you see winning based on numbers, and you’re entering to win prizes that you don’t would like, you are making it more difficult to win the prize you enter!

I also avoid participating in contests on websites which offer very low chances of winning. I’ve written an entire article about this, so go to on the image above to discover the reasons.

Work in the lower entry categories

A knitted white and purple handbag, with knitting needles as well as a ball of yarn over it.The crafting category typically has low-entry and prizes for needle craft in particular are quite easy to win.

While people participate in competitions for various motives, that the majority of contestants are looking for the most expensive prizes. Cash, holidays, cars vouchers, tech and holidays are the most popular entries. This is good news for those who are interested in a particular type of a hobby that falls within low-cost prizes but.

I have a great time with Blu-ray and DVD wins since I’m a film enthusiast. These contests usually include movie-related items that I absolutely love. Other categories with fewer entries include local attractions, books, entry vouchers, tickets to events crafts items, and downloadable items.

Consider Local

An excellent way to increase your chances of winning competitions is to take part in those which are restricted to residents within your local area. Local publications or radio stations, as well as blogs may are restricted in entry to postcode. This limit the number of participants who are eligible to participate in the contest quite significantly.

Another method to make use of local prizes is if they require a collection. I’m able to say with certainty that I’ve never once received the prize. There are many local and retail stores offering competitions. It’s best to visit their social media sites to find the competitions. I typically avoid collecting competitions due to my disability and don’t have a vehicle which means it’s too much trouble. You’ll be amazed at by how few entries local contests receive and that’s probably why they’re the best chance to win an award.

Do not waste time by not participating in competitions

There are several ways to save your time by preparing prior to searching for contests. One way to do this is by using a form filling software to input your information for you. It is possible to have a few pictures ready for these categories: pet, family or travel, and children’s arts and crafts. They are commonly requested entries. For competitions that require email entries I have my email signature with my complete name, address information including email address, my phone number. You can also include any social networks you are using. In the event that you are entering an email contest all you have to do is hit one button to complete all required information.

Make sure you put the effort in

A glass jar filled with colored crayons and the child’s hands coloring in an intricate picture.

Like collection-only contests A lot of people are turned off competitions that demand an effort. When you’re ready to compose a caption, snap photos or perform many other creative activities that you can do, you will increase the odds of winning in comparison to contests for email address entries. Blog giveaways are also a lot smaller entries than other contests because rafflecopter and Gleam type forms have many tasks. It is important to evaluate your time and effort against the value of the prize or your desire to win the prize however, if you feel that it’s worth the effort, then take it on.

I quit my comfortable zone from home in the year 2019 when I appeared live on the radio to share an unflattering story. It led to me securing the most prestigious prize of my life thus far: a four-star trip, with all expenses paid for a trip to Port Aventura. It was a truly amazing family vacation that can only be beat by an excursion for Disney World. However, until now I’ve had to come up with my own method to reach it!

Don’t miss out on your prize notification

Be sure to check your email junk folder on a regular basis. I’ve missed a few of prizes by doing this. One included PS500 worth of games! It’s an excellent idea to search social media with your name to search for missing announcements about winners.