Top Things to do While in Negril Jamaica

If you have planned a trip in Jamaica, then it is absolutely incomplete without going to Negril. This place is famous for its loved beaches and friendly environment, making it a travel-friendly destination. 

It is on the western side of Jamaica and has some of the most famous beaches like Seven Mile Beaches. Thus, it deserves a visit, for sure. You can also book a Private Beachfront Villa Rental in Negril Jamaica, for a much more private experience with your partner, family or friends. 

If you are not sure what you can expect while traveling in Negril; we are here to help you out. Here is a list of things you can do while in Negril Jamaica. 

Roots Café:

Roots Café is one of the most favorite spots for the tourists in Negril. It buzzes with a lot of fun on Wednesdays. With live bands playing classical music, this café is a surefire spot for enjoyment. You will find a variety of food and drinks here, fulfilling your appetite really well. The colorful vibe of this café is a mood in itself that sets you up for a great trip. 

Road Safari:

The Carribean off-road safari experience is yet another experience in itself that Negril holds for you and all other tourists. If you like adventure, then this is an activity that you must indulge in. It is going to help you discover Jamaica in its purest form. Have a look at the waterfalls and nature, all around you while enjoying the safari experience. 

Visit Sweet Spice:

Sweet Spice offers you a wide range of Jamaican oriented cuisine meals that are fulfilling and delicious. If you are a food lover, then this won’t disappoint you at all. The local food won’t disappoint you. It has a flavorful punch and feels really thrilling for anyone who hasn’t tried Jamaican cuisine before.

Jungle Night Club:

If you have a party soul, then Jungle Night Club is definitely a great spot for you. It is a great escape for adults as they might want to experience the nightlife of Negril. The doors close at 4am while the party begins at 10pm sharp. The Jungle Night Club has two floors in it which can accommodate a huge crowd easily. 

Roaring River Park and Cave:

This was a sugar plantation that was found in 1770’s. It is located in the eastern Negril. These caves are about 70 feet underground. It is a beautiful landscape that deserves a visit, for sure. While you are in Negril, you must visit this place and have a wonderful view of nature. 


From wine tasting to visiting the Negril Lighthouse and from visiting the Kool Runnings Adventure Park; there is a lot that this place has to offer. Also, if you are a seafood lover, then do visit Bongos. And don’t forget to spend a day in peace at Booby Island. While you are in Negril, have the time of your life!